Worst Effects Of Cyber Bullying

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Introduction Cyber-bullying causes abusing individuals through the use of technology. For example, the internet, mobile phones as well as tablets have been used by individuals with bad intentions to affect on the rights of others. Cyber-bullying tends to lower the dignity of those who are abused and they seem to be worried as false information about them and may be taken by individuals who aren’t supposed to have such information. The health of those affected by cyber-bullying deteriorates as they are psychologically tortured by their problem. The worst effects of cyber-bullying on the members of the society include depression and suicide. For example, the social media that is misused by the youths has greatly caused cyber-bullying whose effects are not only negative to the individuals …show more content…
Cyber bullies are less caring about the effects of their actions on others and so they are the perpetrators. In addition, they tend to be very violent and are not kind on others. They are trying to hurt in action because they may be having some problems that have proven difficult for them to handle and so they hate to see others happy (Ciucci &Baroncelli, 2014). This is the reason as to why they bully them. Because boys are more violent than the girls, they are the main bullies. However the boys have got a higher rate of reporting situations of cyber-bullying as compared to the girls. Some of the bullies who have the purpose of revenge were at one point in time also bullied. Most of the bullies are drug addicts. The bullies normally don’t show their identities to the victims so that they aren’t easily noticed. The victims are socially and emotionally isolated and find it difficult to fit into groups. They have stomachache and headaches. Moreover, they are very unconfident wherever they are and find it very difficult to sleep (Ciucci &Baroncelli,

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