Social Media And Driving

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We’ve come to an era where staying connected with each other is essential and can be done easily. With the advances in smartphones, people can access the internet and hold a conversation while driving. But this extremely convenient way to communicate has led to cyberbullying, (a new form of bullying) and being a new “distraction” while driving. Likewise, media from the whole world is at the fingertips of children now, which can powerfully influence or depress. These conflicts within society seem to be connected by the thriving weapon of social media. Now that the technology is here to stay, the problem can be inevitably perpetual, or we can discover the roots of social media and how we can control the use of it. First of all, the most critical point in a person’s life is their “childhood.” (1) It is the epoch in which a person is ultimately building their permanent foundation. This leads to the idea of how they are being influenced at this time; which will “shape” the way they “behave and learn in the future.” (1) Since now seventy-five percent of teens that own cell-phones, and …show more content…
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2014, there was eighteen percent of injury crashes and sixteen percent police reported crashes that involved a “distracted” driver (7). Usually the only distraction is a cell-phone, whether a person is talking, texting or just surfing the web while driving. A recent study determined that the minimal time taken away from the road (while texting and driving) was a shocking five seconds (8). In those five seconds, a person can miss a stop sign, accidentally merge into a wrong lane, or even miss a red light. All in all, a driver is twenty-three times more likely to crash if he or she is on the phone (8). But on the contrary, the problem isn’t just with teens, it affects parents and adults as

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