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  • Surround Sounds Research Paper

    7.1 Surround Sound One of the fun goodies we have obtained from the technological vending machine of science is surround sound. This three dimensional palette of aural bliss makes our movies more immersive, gives our music new depth and makes gaming more addicting than ever. When looking at the handful of speakers in a surround sound system, one could offer a rough guess at how all of those tones are delivered from every direction to envelop the listener. But what about getting Dolby Digital 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound from a set of headphones that only sport two speakers in the first place? While the thought of surround sound from normal headphones may seem like a stretch in the credibility…

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  • Creative Writing: Return To London

    The noise of high heels dancing on the wooden floorboards echoes through the cold, empty, deserted rooms of the compact London flat, that she had called home for the last few years.Eyes closed, she drinks in the memories, smells and sounds. Moving from room to room, revisiting happy times and events, absorbing them to her mind’s eye for the long lonely nights that she thinks lay ahead. Suddenly Sarah Jane stops and stands like a statue frozen in time. Here in a state of numbness, within the…

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  • Moving To Forks: A Short Story

    the bottom of the stairs she smiled brightly. "I know how since your in forks you don't have a dance studio to go to soo. I thought since we had a little extra money in the budget you should get your own Lela cave." I gaped at her she had to be kidding. We made our way downstairs and she wasn't kidding in the basement was a full dance studios do on the side was a hang out area. "Mommy you shouldn't have I love it so much Thank you Thank you." "Anything for my sweet sweet girl as long as…

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  • Two Different Types Of Speakers Essay

    races, and religions listen to music. The main way that people listen to music now is through their phones or with their computers. Anytime there is a social event, there is music playing in the back ground with the use of speakers. Speakers are the technology used today for most of your music needs because they can be connected to any type of phone. There is nothing worse than when you are at a party and suddenly there is no more music because the speakers broke or ran out of batteries. …

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  • Looking Into A Soundwalk In Queen Elizabeth Park Analysis

    Sound is an essential element that encircle our world, information can be gained through listening, which listening is a more advanced sense in that are fundamental to human. According to Helen Keller, hearing is the soul of knowledge and information of a high order. The disable of listening as if detached from the world, sound is also a factor built this nature, as Max Neuhaus mentioned sound has given context to a place. Sound is that important but in the same time too fundamental, the…

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  • John Cage's Number 33 Analysis

    in control of the silence but does not have any control over time. The perspective of the story is ethnocentric because when William Marx is at the piano he is in control of his silence, but he cannot stop time. Time will continue to go on day after day, not one person on Earth can stop it. Silence is something that people have a choice of doing. What I mean by that is if you are sitting in the dark and making no noise, you are choosing to do that. I decided to do more research about John…

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  • Renaissance Architecture: Historical Influence During The Renaissance Period

    The first element is distinguishing the prominent feature of the room, such as the sound booth would be to record the music as perfect as possible canceling all outside noise, while a large-scale concert hall factors such as volume level and background noise become issues. Some less than extraordinary performance halls recently can be simply solved with just some strategic placements of microphones and speakers and the design elements become less important because technology begins to have an…

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  • Five Senses Of A Park Analysis

    human senses to consider are sound, smell, and sight. What a person hears when they are inside a park can significantly affect their experience. For instance, if they hear city…

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  • Earbuds While Driving Essay

    researcher said that people “need two ears to localize sounds,” so when using an earbud, drivers are not able to tell where honking, sirens, trains, and pedestrians, as well as other noises are coming from. One research group, Injury Physicians of Minnesota, says that “[w]earing [earbuds] while you drive [...] decreases your sensory input and endangers other drivers.” This means that when a driver listens to music while driving, the quality of their senses are reduced, so they do not see and…

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  • Porous Materials Essay

    the voids are filled with a fluid (usually air). The physical properties of the materials can be characterised by bulk, macroscopic and microscopic properties. Most of which have an impact on the acoustical performance of the material. Sound energy is lost in porous materials when it is transformed into heat. This is caused by a combination of effects. Firstly, there are losses through the viscous effects between the solid matrix and the fluid when pressure waves causes the fluid to move…

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