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  • The Significance Of Surnames In The Scarlet Letter And The Great Gatsby

    The Significance of Surnames Today, we have grown to take last names for granted. They’re just always there, no one really questions them. But how did humankind reach this point? What was the original significance behind surnames? This question of importance also branches between The Scarlet Letter and The Great Gatsby, where we see the curious tales of two fascinating fellows, Roger Prynne and James Gatz, who revised their last names, causing scholars to inquire as to whether or not surnames could perhaps have some negative impact on an individual’s very existence. Altogether, there is a plethora of inquiries to make about these curious cognomens and their importance to humanity’s experience on earth, including both positive and negative…

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  • Socia Social Education: Cut Materials For A Class

    Filed previous papers, grade reports etc. Graded a quiz Cut materials for a class Distributed quizzes, papers, etc. Checked math individual work Read quiz to a student Walk the students to related arts and back Watch the students when the teacher was gone taught a math lesson did mini read alounds with indivisual students during reading 1 day Other 5th grade teacher was absent, therefore a half of her class came to miss Martin 's math and social studies. They sat at the carpet. The teacher…

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  • Ava Perkins Diary Entry

    Cold and dreary. This is the feeling that Ava Perkins woke up to every morning. She dreadfully got out of bed and put on her rusty slippers that were immersed in dirt. Everything Ava received was handed down to her from the other children of the orphanage. Ava's parents had left her when she was two months old. Ava always wondered why her parents didn't want her, and where could they be? Ava's daily ritual was to gaze out her shared rooms tiny window, and think about her future aspirations. Ava…

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  • What I Learned In A Class

    I started reading in preschool because I was fond of the pictures and I really enjoyed listening to my teacher read out loud as we followed along in the book. In the first grade, my class would always begin by copying the notes written on the chalkboard. My classmates and I would sit in front of the chalkboard and just write in our notebooks word for word on what was the board. I was very curious about what the purpose of it when I couldn’t even understand it. My hand would eventually hurt from…

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  • House Of Usher Theme

    The House of Usher is a story with many themes and elements in it. They include the theme of entrapment. There is also the theme of the dead’s power over the living. The narrator has many traits of which he is characterized by cowardice is shown when he leaves the premises of the house with such speed that people would think he was being chased by a “monster” and in a way he was. The narrator was also characterized by being extremely loyal he dropped everything he was doing and went to…

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  • The Osage Firebird Analysis

    While reading “The Osage Firebird,” I saw how the structure of the text, led to one another. Meaning, when the author, Sudipta Bardhan, wrote this passage she made it connect really well to each other. While reading the passage, I observed how she did it. She did it by adding one detail in one section, then that one detail becomes the main idea for the next section, or for any section. I saw the connection of each section near the end, since in the beginning of the passage, I didn’t see any. …

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  • Reflective Essay: What Are The Five Myths Of Immigration

    The process that I went through to get though the writing essay .And to really digest what the author was trying to covey I had to pay particular attention to the introduction paragraphs to locate this information. Figure out what clues did the writer leave throughout the paper to get his point across. Do these provide what the content and writer’s purpose is? I already clued into what the paper would be about by the title. That is where my active readying started and also where it ended. Since…

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  • What Is The Fall Of The House Of Usher

    Even though Poe’s death remains a mystery today it is fact that “The Fall of the House of Usher” has been, throughout time, a reader’s favorite story, both casual and school forced. I personally think it has been such a famous and favorite book of readers because the short story is very dark, cruel, creepy and mysterious. Since it is so dark and mysterious it constantly keeps the attention of the readers such as college students like myself. If the story doesn’t keep my attention then I really…

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  • Bridge To Terabithia Research Paper

    Why Burn This Bridge? If children aren’t allowed to read stories about negative topics, then are they guaranteed that these things won’t ever happen to them? Children must be taught right from wrong, so that we can make good choices in our own life. Stories and characters help us learn about these things that we sometimes know nothing about. I don’t think the book, ‘’Bridge to Terabithia’’, should be banned just because it shares a story that deals with real…

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  • Mrs. Downs Second Class Classroom Observation

    While observing at P.S 105 X in The Bronx, Mrs. Downs’s second grade classroom is a surprisingly calm, regular classroom with 25 students. The classroom was filled with the students, teacher and paraprofessional. Usually, there is another co-teacher in the classroom; however, she was on maternity leave. When entering the classroom, I could see on the other side of the room, against the windows the wall was filled with books, as well as bins in the back of the classroom. The wall is switched out…

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