Socia Social Education: Cut Materials For A Class

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Filed previous papers, grade reports etc.
Graded a quiz
Cut materials for a class
Distributed quizzes, papers, etc.
Checked math individual work
Read quiz to a student
Walk the students to related arts and back
Watch the students when the teacher was gone taught a math lesson did mini read alounds with indivisual students during reading

1 day
Other 5th grade teacher was absent, therefore a half of her class came to miss Martin 's math and social studies. They sat at the carpet. The teacher kept high discipline in order to keep everyone quiet. During math, lecture lasted only 5 minutes the rest was individual work. My teacher saw that the students understood the concept, and just needed to drill it. I see that my teacher is more on this side of traditional math. I was checking their work after they came to me. They had a lot to do, therefore during the last minutes I walked around and checked what they had already finished. I helped individuals that struggled with some problems.
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It was interactive, the teacher asked questions like "what do you think Americans felt when.. Was it good?". The took a quiz after and I read the questions to E. I graded that quiz afterwards. It was a very easy quiz - reading information from a timeline.
During reading I saw for the first time reading groups. They were made based on the reading level. First group included Emmanuel, Naim, Drake, and Zachary. They read a simpler books and needed a lot of scaffolding during reading. I liked how the teacher asked the students for their ideas, being objective and not criticising them.The highest group was using chrome books doing education games related to language arts. The reading groups read book about science topics. I thought it is a great preparation for a lot more informational texts later in their

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