What Is The Importance Of Reading Essay

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Reading is the base of every child’s education. A child has to learn to read to get through life. Reading is used in every subject of school and is even used after school. Since it is the base how teachers build on it is very important and can make or break a child’s education. A child who is taught to love reading will read more and will excel at more things. Teachers are the ones who have the job of helping a child and teaching that reading can be fun but it is also useful at the same time. Reading is something that every child should learn to love. To develop that love of reading teachers have to show them all the good that comes with it. The way to do that is to get them involved with books letting them know that there is a topic for everyone and helping them explore it. That means the classroom has to have a variety of books available for the students including different level readers for the students. There needs to be plenty of teacher support for the students that struggle. There also needs to be plenty of options for students who are on higher levels. Students need to have goals to look forward to so that they know that there is an end in sight. Student’s goals should be things that are obtainable and that they have helped to make. Goals should help a student feel like they are …show more content…
Do be a successful teacher I have to learn how my students learn and what I can do to help them learn. I have to provide books that will interest them and make them want to learn. Figuring out how every child learns will be the biggest challenge but by using small groups and working with a few children at a time I will be able to do that. Children need to become lifelong readers and it is my job to instill that in them because what they get at the earliest levels will determine what kind of reader they will be for the rest of their life. I want my students to be lifelong readers so I will do what I can to help interest

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