One More Really Big Reason To Read Stories To Children Peter Gray Analysis

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Peter Gray, the author of One More Really Big Reason to Read Stories to Children, argues that reading is essential since it helps children develop morally, emotionally, and socially. The development of these three aspects help children to become better human beings.
I think that Peter Gray brings up excellent points in his article, but I believe that reading brings more to society and the real world. The three aspects of reading mentioned in his article-moral, emotional, and social development-are more than helping kids become better human beings. I believe that these three aspects allow children to help future generations. Reading at a younger age can help kids have greater morals in the future, which results in a better society. Morals can come from lessons learned in life and lessons learned in reading. When people gain morals from life experiences they tend to learn them later in life because they are not exposed to the experiences that can help them gain better morals. If kids start reading novels with a purpose or a message it gives them the emotional connection at an earlier age compared to those that do not read. According to Laura Callisen, “Looking back, I was
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Letting children explore and be creative is vital at their age of learning. Catherine Pearson agrees when she writes, “reading to their babies and children is important and helps to prime their developing brains.” (Science Proves Reading To Kids Really Does Change Their Brains). Reading sets up a solid structure for the rest of the kids learning career, which also helps them socially. Reading can expose children to a safe environment to learn about future social situations or life situations that they may be scared of. When kids read stories, they can become involved with the characters and see different situations without the real world

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