Developmental Analysis

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Developmental Analysis
For this development analysis, I observed the physical, and cognitive development in children Jefferson Elementary in a first-grade class. For this analysis, I will be referring to my target student by the name of John. My observation hours where done between 9:30 and 12 o’clock on Mondays and Wednesdays with children between the ages of six and seven. During my observation time, I notice the different changes their bodies go through by observing their fine motor skills, and gross motor skills. I observed in this group of children, their ability to form their own ideas, opinion, and reasoning on the world around them. As I observed John though out my days in John’s class I notice he had trouble staying in
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Children start becoming aware of their hands to, and now use them to develop their own idea of the world around them. Fine motor skills begin to develop as children’s bodies start to move and become more stable. As they are improving their fine motor skills, their cognitive, and social skills begin to increase and improve. Fine motor skills are discovered by the students learning to use scissors to cut out shapes, and their ability to hold a pencil. Children at this stage also become aware of left and right, and can tell the difference between the direction they go when reading a book. I observed the student’s ability to tell which direction they read. I noticed this skill when I was testing the students on a book they were reading in class. When I observed John, I was directed to ask answer a serious of questions such as: “Which way do we read?” “Where do we start reading?” The student I observed could tell me that when reading we read left to right. John proved this by pointing to the location where we start reading at the beginning of the sentence, and where we end at. John explained this by describing the importance of periods, and question mark. John stated that he knew a period, which meant the sentence had come to the end, and that he knew to go on to the next sentence. John also explained that a question mark meant the writer was asking the reader a …show more content…
Also, working in a first-grade classroom, and helping with testing in the classroom they are learning how to count to a hundred. During this time, they had to fill out the chart with number in order from one to a hundred, and had to do this from their memory. They prepared for this test by playing counting games, and instruction time.
Group time was used in this school to help with their reading. During group reading time I or one of the other teachers or helpers in the classroom would pull a group of four or five kids to the group table to read a book related to what their teacher was teaching that week. As we read the book each student would take time to read, and show the group how to sound out the different vocabulary. The observation of the group time, showed me my target student’s ability to develop his own option of the book, his reasoning on why an event in the book happened, and his representation of the book.

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