Essay on Integrated Literacy Plan For The Hungry Caterpillars

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PART D: Essay
The integrated literacy plan for the Hungry Caterpillars includes both teaching sessions as a group and as a class. The themes that students explored in the programme included topics such as fitting in vs. not fitting in, being yourself, being different, and bullying. The texts chosen were not too extreme when exploring these topics, and questions were raised in a safe arena so that students could contribute without feeling threatened. This type of safety was seen through stories such as Giraffes Can 't Dance, where there was a clear separation of animal and different context being the jungle. However it explored bullying and fitting in just like There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom. Another focus on the topic revolved around the positives of being different, which was dominantly seen through the article and Giraffes Can 't Dance. During the study of all of the texts, students had a chance to bring forward their personal experiences and understandings in order to understand the characters’ situations and inner emotions. It also engaged critical thinking about how different perspectives played a role and influenced each other in texts, so that discussion became very realistic in a sense that it was close to everyday occurrences.
There are a few limitations to the programme. Grouping the students according to reading levels rather than shared collective needs seemed to be an unrealistic way to run the integrated literacy plan. The texts that I would have…

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