Sponsors Of Literacy Essay

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In Deborah Brandt’s Sponsors of Literacy she speaks of so called sponsors in which compel one to become a more literate being. But you may ask, who doesn’t want to be literate, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has these said sponsors to push them forward to becoming a more brilliant human being. Brandt writes in a formal informational essay genre pushing towards the notion that sponsors of literacy are a real concept. Now whether it’s for the sponsors good or the sponsored, that’s a totally different topic.

My sponsors of literacy have come in many different shapes and sizes: teachers, parents, elders and more. All of these folks have helped my achieve some goal of literacy in one way or another and I couldn’t be more grateful. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it
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Raymond and I only relate in one category of our lives, our European American backgrounds. I however have much more diversity within my bloodline but as a girl with pale skin it is the one I get grouped under most often. Raymond came from a well off family while I however did not. Dora’s family worked hard to make sure she would be able to attend school and be able to have the means to be able to get her school work done. The town they lived in was far away from any big city with basic things they needed and I too grew up quite a distance away from any large cities or towns. Neither of my parents were professors and neither of them had the means to support my wants for the newest of anything, especially not electronics. My learning was strictly on a what we had basis and what the school’s themselves would and could provide for us. In a sense I have always been my own sponsor of literacy. As long as I saw I was doing something well I would and will always try to continue progressing myself towards the end goal, what is this goal? We’ll see when I get

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