My Journey With Literacy

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My journey with literacy has been a part of my life and began before I even entered school. During my early days you would say I was a “repeater”. I repeated things that I would hear from my parents and people that were around me all the time. Some of them were good to say and some not so good to say. My parents always sat down and read to me. While growing up as well my parents worked a lot so my grandparents basically raised me by watching me in the morning and taking me to two by two, preschool and grade school. During the mornings I would watch watching a lot of Reading Rainbow and Sesame Street, I loved those shows so much, by listening and watching Big Bird, Elmo, The Count, and Oscar The Grouch helped me to learn, understand and …show more content…
Whenever I got a new pack of cards almost daily because my grandparents knew I loved them the first thing I would do was read the back of the cards. I soon was able to recall almost every player’s name, statistics, birthday, and hometown. My parents were amazed at the fact that I was able to recall all this information and actually know what it meant. Even at my early age my dad would come to me for advice to use on his fantasy teams. First grade is also the time I was introduced to the library. My class would go once a week to check out books. Some books I can remember checking out a lot were “Danny The Dinosaur”, and my favorites “The Rainbow Fish”, and “Stellaluna”. I remember everyone in my class racing into the library to get one of those books first to check it out. My first writing experience that I can remember also occurred in first grade. All the kids in my class were given several pencils with pencil grips on them to help us write. This is when I first began to have problems writing; well it was a problem to my teacher. My teacher didn’t understand why I couldn’t write the “right” way just because I did hold a pencil the typical way. My teacher sent home clay for me to use which she said would help strengthen my hands and fingers to help write the typical way. She used to become infuriated with me and would actually yell at me whenever she caught me writing the way that I still do now until this day. My parents also became very worried about me at this time. With me being their first child in school they freaked out like it was the end of the world. I felt embarrassed, stupid, and inadequate. I look back on this experience now and just think it was all because I couldn’t hold a pencil the way other people do. A computer program Reader Rabbit was also introduced to me in first grade. I can remember always taking turns with my

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