My Literacy Autobiography

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My Literacy Autobiography
I was in the second grade when I first fell in love with reading. Reading was always my escape from the real world. I was never a fan of writing. Writing papers was my biggest fear when I was in grade school. As I got older, the number of books I read began to lessen. I also began trying to avoid writing papers as much as I could. Although my views of writing and reading changes as I get deeper into my profession.
My mother always read to my siblings and me growing up. I hardly paid attention to the words, it was the pictures that amused me when she read to us. As I mastered the concept of reading by myself, the words began to delight me. I really fell in love with reading in the second grade. I started to collect
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My English professor made me write a minimum of five pages for an essay and I never wrote over three pages since high school. This course was a challenge for me, but it also taught me the value to writing. The more papers I wrote in college made my views change on writing. Writing became a secondary voice for me, it wasn’t difficult for me to write about what I knew or either what was near and dear to my heart. Although I respect writing, it is still something that I still struggle with till this day. As a student teacher, I would recommend students like me to get help with writing problems early. I still get help when it comes down to writing an essay. I’m also still learning how to be a better writer. When I think about writing, I always think about English classes doing most of the writing but writing is essential in every subject. I label myself as not being a writer but someday it’s going to be my duty to teach others to be.
In conclusion, reading and writing was like day and night for me. I always valued reading over writing when I was younger. When I got older, my views on reading and writing began to evolve. Although my relationship with reading was shaky throughout the years, my love for it never changed. My relationship with writing changed dramatically throughout the years because it became more valuable to me. I am no longer afraid to let my fingers type away or let my pencil stroke a piece of paper. I just hope that I can be a teacher that rubs off the importance of reading and writing to my

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