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To me, writing has always been busy work and something that teachers only used to create grades. My writing experience in high school was very limited to one category in: practice AP essays. The writing I did in class was always preparing for AP exams and was very fact based. Most essays, such as history, were only used to show that I knew the material and weren’t graded on how good the writing was. I didn’t feel like I had any freedom to stray away from the format that the AP graders expected because I didn’t want that to affect my score. I never felt like I was challenging myself or practicing any other styles of writing. I don’t think it was good that my teachers only assigned AP style writing because I never became a versatile writer. I also don’t know how to write any other kind of essay and I feel like my writing skills are weak.
My writing experiences in high school were negative because of my
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I’m not confident with my ability to set up my paragraphs in essays because I can’t make my essays flow. My papers get very boring because I can be repetitive in my essays and I tend to lose focus on the purpose of the essay. In addition, my introductions are my weakest point because a paper can’t be strong without a strong introductory paragraph. I never learned any good ways to make a paper intriguing from the start and I think it can make my essays memorable.
My strengths in writing are that I’m very confident about sharing my opinion and I think I can bring a different viewpoint on topics. I’m also a good public speaker and I try to implement that into my writing and make my papers lively. In addition, I’m good at implementing quotes and examples into my papers and I think it makes my essays stronger. I also think my writing style is unique and doesn’t have a concrete structure to it. This is good because I can write different types of papers while still sticking to my

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