Implications For Practice, Dissemination Of Results, And Contributions Of The Field Of Education

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Part 5: Implications for Practice, Dissemination of Results, and Contributions to the Field of Education The data obtained from this study showed that allowing students to choose their writing topics paired with instruction can have a positive affect on students’ attitude about writing and their skill. Moving forward, I plan to incorporate my findings into my daily teaching and instructional practices. My first step in improving students’ attitude toward writing and improving their skill is to review the remaining units and find ways to incorporate topic choice in the writing. There are at least two more writing assignments before the end of the school year. In both writing assignments, I will find a way to allow students to choose their topic, so that students will have a better attitude about writing. My second step will be to provide writing instruction using the SRSD strategy. By doing this, I believe students will continue to strengthen their writing skills and will be able to apply their skills to their writing in my class and in their lives once they graduate. The question that drove my research stemmed from an ongoing issue in my English department. It is to my entire department that I would like to eventually share my findings. I believe that my finding will be more convincing to the department as a whole if more people from my grade level had also tried the technique. I decided to share my finding with my 12th grade team during PLC first. I presented my team with

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