My Experience: My High School Writing Experience

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If you were to ask me about my high school writing experience, I would tell you that I did not have much experience. We did not have any classes at my school that were specifically writing classes. At my high school, we just had regular English classes where we would occasionally do a few papers in. My English teacher senior year was a great person, but did not necessarily teach us a lot about proper styles of writing papers. Coming into college English, I did not feel well prepared with what to expect for a college level writing class. To be honest, the thought of my first English class was scary because I did not know what to expect, or if I was even at that college level yet. As the semester started to go on, all my writings started to flow …show more content…
For my first college level paper, I thought I did not do too bad on it. I was not expecting much out of it. I was disappointed as soon as I got my score back. I knew that was not my best work. From the start of the semester, I knew I was not quite sure what to expect, and how difficult my papers would be graded. In my profile letter, the first two elements of the general education outcomes were genre and audience. I used an appropriate use of the voice, and style throughout my paper. This section was a little hard for me to get a grip of what the meaning of genre was. I wanted to make sure that my tone of text was not too formal or informal, so I really focused on that part of my paper. In addition, I needed a good interpretation on my audience. If someone were to read my paper, I would not want to leave that reader with any questions at the end of my paper. I focused on going through my paper to make specific changes to make my paper clearer to understand for my intended audience. With my profile letter, peer review did not do much for me on this particular assignment. I did not get very much feedback that was helpful. Overall, I struggled a lot in knowing where to even start and what to all include. That was the most difficult part for me. This was the start to my first college English class, and I knew that if I put my mind to it and worked for my goal I would improve throughout the …show more content…
I worked with another classmate named Autumn Nicholson. We both started looking at several topics to analyze. We both came to the conclusion that the best choice for us to analyze was a social commentary about a girl battling brain cancer. This analysis had many outcomes we needed to cover. Throughout our paper we covered genre, the primary audience, purpose, and situation. We analyzed all of these thoroughly throughout our whole paper. These outcomes helped us build off our paper, and make it a stronger piece of writing. In addition, with knowing more background information about each outcome really helped us go into more detail, and express our point that we were trying to get across. In addition, we also took our topic into a more meaningful matter. We did a lot of research for our paper, and that helped bring out more knowledge and understanding for the analysis of our paper. Collaboration can affect writing in many ways. In this piece of writing, working collaboratively really helped us reach a stronger base to start our paper. We each wrote our statements for each section, and then took out the strongest points in each of our drafts for our final paper. It all flowed really well together. We had some questions we were not sure about throughout our paper, so we visited the Center for Writers multiple times to get some feedback, and make our paper meet its criteria. This paper was the start of my peak, and gave

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