Eudora Welty's Essay: The Lonely Good Company Of Books

Reading is undervalued in today’s society. Not many students understand the importance of reading and how useful it is in life. When I was, younger reading was never my strongest subject. Reading at a lower level than others in my class made me feel less educated. It wasn’t like I pushed reading away, it was just something that I wasn’t interested in. In the essay, “The Lonely Good Company of Books” by Richard Rodriquez, he explains how he did not know why reading was so meaningful, but as he grew older he understood the values. On the other hand, in the essay, “One Writers Beginning” by Eudora Welty, she addresses how she fell in love with books. Like Rodriquez didn’t understand the value of reading, but loved to read books that he connected with. As my reading levels start to progress over the years I can relate to Rodriquez and Welty experiences because being in reading class was like I was forced to read and I have learned to love books and understand the concepts.
Growing up in my household we didn’t have many books to read. I mostly read at school. I started reading around the age of three or four years old. I didn’t develop the love for reading until I was in middle school. When the teachers would assign students in groups and each group had different books. I loved to read in groups because I
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Books were much excessive and the concept of the books became more complex. Even though I wasn’t on the same reading level as most, my reading levels have increased since middle school and my fear of reading went away. Reading more advanced books I would read out loud in class and my teachers would idolize me for that. Rodriquez quotes his teacher “I only wish the rest of you took reading as seriously as Richard obviously does” (295). This explains that Rodriquez faced his fear in reading and became more advanced and now teachers admired him and basically bragged about it. Then the love that I had for reading faded

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