Non Reading Autobiography

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I graduated from kindergarten as a non-reader. I was the eldest child in my family with two younger siblings. My mother was always occupied both with work and with three children under five, so she didn’t realize that there was anything amiss until the summer after my kindergarten year. She recounts how she was shocked and concerned when she found out that all of her friend’s children were already reading. She would tell you that I had not a sight word in my wheelhouse. That summer my parents dutifully drove me to and from my soon to be first grade teacher’s house as she devotedly practiced sounding out words and recognizing letters with me. Of course, eventually a light bulb went off in my five year old brain and I could read.
Looking back, it seems silly that my parents were so worried about my reading, or more accurately, non-reading. I was young for my age and didn’t turn five until late November of my kindergarten year. Ironically, though I wasn’t immediately taken with reading, I became an avid reader after those first few difficult years. I was a regular at my elementary school’s small library, and I competed in everything book-related that I could. Battle of the books, spelling bees, and English classes were my favorite pastimes in grade school. Other children dreaded completing summer reading and literature studies, but I looked at reading
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Reading opens the door to so much knowledge that I don’t understand how anyone can dislike it. I’m fascinated by how reading allows one to immerse oneself completely into an alternate universe; the greatest feeling in the world for me is to be absolutely engrossed by a

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