The Importance Of Reading And Writing In Middle School

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Growing up as a kid I never really enjoyed reading and writing. It was and probably will always be my least favorite subject, nothing against you my lovely English professor, but I just don’t enjoy it. The only time I really enjoyed reading as a child was when I got my first leap pad and I eventually destroyed it and it was probably within 2 weeks of getting it, so I wasn’t interested for long. I don’t have much memory as a kid with reading and writing at home, because my parents never really forced me to read or write and I don’t ever remember being read to either. The only time I ever remember being forced to read something was when I got grounded for lying and my mom grounded me for the whole summer and made me stay inside and read the whole …show more content…
In middle school we started writing papers and essays and I absolutely sucked at writing papers especially with the good ol’ thesis statements. My grammar was bad, my sentence structures were awful, everything was awful. We would turn in our essay’s and then we would have a chance to re do them after the teacher would make corrections and almost every time I would have a C or lower on my essay then the second time it would go up to an A, B, or high C. I feel like I wasn 't really learning anything I just felt like I could do a sloppy essay job then my teacher would come in and fix it then I could get a good grade. Besides writing we would also have class reading time where we would sit on the ground and read to ourselves. Since I absolutely hated reading I would only read the first two pages and if I wasn 't interested then I would act like I was reading then in a week I would go get a new book. The only books I ever remember liking were, Face by Benjamin Zephaniah and The Outsiders by S.E Hinton. I remember I really liked The Outsiders so I even read it twice. We also had a group reading assignment and we would have tests every week about the book and I did pretty good with this because we would read together in class and so it was easier to stay

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