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  • My Reading And Reading

    conditions of absorbing literature in which I became interested in reading. Over time my teachers built on that foundation, training my skills and encouraging me to read even more text. I recall specific events that truly set the foundation and more conditions where I began to see my literacy evolve, which I will reflect upon. Ultimately this has caused me to become a very selective reader. I will attempt to discuss the conditions, influences and causes, which have brought me to the level at which I am able to read and communicate…

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  • Reading Remains The Key To Reading Analysis

    school. I enjoyed reading but I didn’t ever have much time to do so. I don’t think I understood the true importance of reading until now. Growing up I’ve always heard “the more you read, the more you know.” I found that rather cliché but I have come to find that it is the truth. In the essay “The Freedom Education Brings,” by Timmika Ross and the article “Reading Remains The Key To Success,” by Alonzo Weston “the more you read the more you know,” is shown to be true. I remember when I first…

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  • Reading Challenge In Reading

    graders and one-fourth of eighth graders cannot read at a basic level” (Ortlieb, 2013, p. 147). Later, in 2007, just in two short years, the number of children who were not reading on grade level went up. According to Connor et al., (2012, p. 52), “two-thirds of children fail to read at or above proficient levels by fourth grade”. This lack of ability of learning how to read occurs from the fact that these children were not effectively and explicitly taught how to make a connection regarding…

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  • The Importance Of Reading

    As, I have grown over the years, I have located a passion for reading fictional or nonfictional books. In some aspects, I look at reading books as television show that I can view at my own pace. Looking back, I see that this was a learned behavior not one that I simply picked up from school. However, it seems as though the more education I receive the more inquisitive, I have become. Which has coasted me into the realm of becoming a lifelong reader. For the most part, none of the…

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  • Reading Importance Of Home Reading

    Maricela Gomez GTIS 7 Reading has a vital importance in a child’s life. There are many things that could predict a student’s achievement and one of those include the student’s reading comprehension. However, as a fragile organ, reading could be affected by outer occurrences that could set a child on an unfavorable path. Students characterize themselves as readers throughout elementary, which helps them flourish as members of society. It is important to keep students that mentality…

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  • My Experience Of Reading In Ms. Keyes's Reading Class

    October of my seventh grade year and I found myself sitting in Ms. Keyes’ reading class. One Tuesday afternoon, Ms. Keyes put us in groups based on our reading levels and interests. What interested me the most were books that were suspenseful, full of action, and ones that moved at a fast pace with a colorful cast of characters. Her goal was to get me to enjoy reading again; she made that her personal mission. When I walked into her fifth period class, she had the desks in groups of six. She…

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  • Reflective Reading For Freedom

    Reading for Freedom "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." - Frederick Douglass. This quote makes me think of how truly important reading is in our lives. When we learn to read, we open ourselves up to so many possibilities. Reading is the key to success in everything we do in the world of education. Without reading, students cannot write. They cannot study history. They cannot read a word problem or even manage a science experiment. I believe that education and freedom go hand in…

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  • Comprehension: Reading Strategies

    Section One: Reading Strategies Comprehension: Strategy 1: Visualize- Visualizing is the ability to create pictures in our head based on text we have read. Students will develop mental images of what they are reading. Visualizing activities including differentiated instruction: • Read a few pages of a book without showing any pictures. Stop and let the children draw a picture of what they are visualizing. Some students may need to search for pictures to cut out of magazines to explain their…

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  • Importance On Reading And Writing

    reader and writer into the individual they are becoming while the students had to take the initiative of learning some on their own. Reading and writing were brought to me various different forms, through parents, teachers, journaling on my own, my sister and peers. One of the biggest influences on my ability to read and write was my parents. Throughout my childhood, they would read to my sisters and me, whether it was a bedtime story or an afternoon read, they made it a point to set us down…

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  • The Importance Of Dialogic Reading

    Dialogic reading is a technique used to encourage adult readers to prompt children during shared-reading time. According to Blom-Hoffman, O 'Neil-Pirozzi, Volpe, Cutting, & Bissinger (2006), having the child be the storyteller and the adult the facilitator to the child’s verbalizations is the main goal of dialogic reading. Prompting is a way to guide children into the direction of storytelling during shared-reading, while developing print knowledge and phonological awareness, all emergent…

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