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  • Reading Improvement

    Reading Improvement Research Question Does reading to my child help to improve his reading ability? Operationalization Problem Research exists for a variety of reasons, some political and some for educational purposes. For me, it was necessary to distinguish how I could assist my son, Austin, with his education. My son suffers with a disability and has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in place. This means my son requires extra attention in certain areas similar to reading and math. Austin struggles in all areas in school and remains in a specialized education classroom. Recently I went to a parent teacher conference, this is where his teacher informed me he is persistently suffering more in reading than any other subject. She instructed me that I read to him to improve his reading ability. As a research analyst one will state the research question and why it remains a problem, come up with an objective, calculate how the issue will be measured, collect the data, and use a benchmark to determine the success or failure. Although, my son is in fourth grade, he reads at a second grade reading level. He remains…

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  • Reading Aloud

    As educators, we understand the value of reading aloud. It provides students with opportunities to increase their own fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. However, for some students it’s a terrifying event. Flash back to my third grade reading group. I was sitting next to my teacher. She had called on me to read aloud to the group. I began reading, but just I started several students (not in our group) were causing problems in the class. I continued to read and finished my passage.…

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  • Reading Interdependency

    Mary is a fifth grade student who is having troubles with reading. Mary’s teacher has indicated that Mary has been having difficulties with keeping pace with the other students while reading, completing homework and classroom assignments, and with reading comprehension. Mary’s teacher has made note that Mary is a very pleasant student who is good with following directions and gets along well with other classmates. Mary is having difficulty in reading, writing, social studies, and science.…

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  • Brain On Reading

    “This is your child’s brain on reading” by Carina Storrs. This article suggests that the brain networks involved in reading and listening to stories develop early. Kids who read less and have less exposure to books have less early brain development as suggested in this article. Before this study researcher found that children who were exposed to books at a young age excelled at many levels as they got older, stated by Dr. Barry Zuckerman professor of pediatrics at Boston University School of…

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  • Fluency And Reading Skills

    the learner begins to read the teacher notices that the learner is reading very slow and word for word. The leaner is using their decoding strategies as they read to read unfamiliar words. When the learner finishes the teacher begins to ask the learner different questions about the book. The learner looks at the teacher and does not answer the question. The teacher tries to ask the learner another question and the learner is able to give a response but…

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  • Reading And Writing Impact

    Reading and writing go hand in hand. Without the ability to read, one in not capable to write if comprehension does not come in play. Personally, reading and writing has significantly impacted my life because not only does reading and writing help one succeed in school, are tools for communicating, but a way to boost imagination and creativity. From preschool to college reading and writing has taken me on a beautiful journey, despite all the different paths. Being from Brazil the poverty and…

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  • Atticus Reading Quotes

    with others and her interest in reading with her father, Atticus. Scout takes every opportunity to read with her father to further enhance her knowledge even when her father believes that the book is not appropriate for her. “Whatcha readin’?” I asked. Atticus turned the book over. “Something of Jem’s. Called The Gray Ghost.” “Read it out loud, please, Atticus. It’s real scary.” “No,” he said. “You’ve had enough scaring for a while. This is too-” “Atticus, I wasn’t scared.” (Lee 375). In this…

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  • My Love For Reading

    learn. My interest in reading began when I was a young girl. Through my early years, I watched my mother study day and night as she worked towards her degree. I instantly learned that in order to achieve anything in life one must read. Reading is a vital step in opening the mind up to new material and new possibilities. My mother also had the opportunity to work first hand with a massive amount of books in Tuskegee University’s Library. Her job exposed me to a new level of learning. I was no…

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  • Reading Absorbs Me

    Recently, while reading, I started to think about how reading absorbs me and gives me a way to transport myself into another world. It’s amazing. I am sure many of you can relate when I would tell you that some books you just can’t put down. You literally read them until your eyes droop and you want to pick them up again, first thing in the morning. Reading a good book is like diving into a mesmerizing sea of words, filled with thoughts, emotions and feelings that just leave you in awe. While…

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  • Qualitative Reading Inventory

    When I administered the Qualitative Reading Inventory-5, I chose to work with (REAL NAME REMOVED FOR CONFIDENTIALITY PURPOSES) Izzy, a 5th grader at _______________________________________. Izzy is 11 years old and lives in an apartment in ________________with her mother ____________, her father ____________, and her 3 siblings. Izzy shares a close relationship with all of her family members. She enjoys going to local parks with them in the summer, and especially loves having dinner with her…

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