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  • Banning Of Books

    No Banning Of Books Have you ever gotten a slip asking for your parents permission to read certain books? There are people in the world who want to ban books that are too serious of a topic for students. Students won’t be able to learn about those serious topics until they are exposed to it physically. Students being restricted from reading books with serious topics won’t know what happens in the world. Censoring books take away the student’s right of freedom. Having freedom means to be able to do anything they would like but abiding the law as well. Censoring books doesn’t help students but hurt them. The books that are being banned talk about topics that students need to learn about eventually. Not only are students rights of freedom…

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  • Banning Books

    Knowledge is power, and that power is taken away from humanity every time a book is banned. Although those who ban the books may have good intentions, the action results in more harm than good. Books are banned due to consideration of the words inside being offensive on moral, religious, and political grounds. The book may be sexually explicit, challenge religion or politics, or considered a threat to public welfare. In the United States, the government cannot ban books due to the first…

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  • The Book Tally

    land, there was a book named Tally. Tally was an old book that had been around for nearly 17 years. Although she told stories of faraway lands, adventures with compelling characters and an unexpected ending, she was very underappreciated. Over the 17 years, Tally went through garage sales, bookstores, and libraries, all to be left on the counter waiting for someone new to take her. Tally was a large red book that had a long pen mark down the middle of her cover, her insides had small rips and…

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  • Book Bag Report

    When designing the book bag, I made sure that the activities I included were activities that the children would know how to complete. They were activities that the students had completed in their class with other stories or in another context. When reading stories in class, the students would create a story sequence to summarize what happened through the story. So, I knew that they would know what to do to complete the story sequence activity. To personalize it and make it fit with the story,…

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  • The Controversy Of Banning Books

    Banning books do not help anyone, banning a book in a library makes it more difficult for other people to read the book if they can not afford to by the book.The definition of a banned book is a work that contains material that has been deemed inappropriate, offensive, or dangerous by certain people or organizations. The people that challenge the books are usually parents of school children (Shumaker). Furthermore, it is really easy to ban a book, all that a person would have to do is…

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  • What Is Banning Books?

    This essay is about banning books, and whether or not the community has the right to control what students read in schools. I believe that the community should say what books students read. I believe this for the following reasons. One reason is that the community is largely made up of the parents of students, and the parents have a considerable amount of power over their children. First, the parents would be concerned that their children were being read disturbing books in school. They might…

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  • Banning Books In Schools

    allowed to ban books from schools because some people find the books inappropriate for containing religious beliefs, homosexuality, offensive language and sexually explicit scenes or descriptions (Lopez). If books can be sold and produce then they should be allowed in libraries. Some books could even educate not only kids but also adults. Everyone has the right to read what they want to read when they are at the library. There is also one week a month that is referred to Banned and Challenged…

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  • Paper Book Are Better Than Paper Books

    that trading in our paper books for digital versions will cause some problems. Paper books are easier for students; they cause no temptations, better for health, and no battery. They also the cost of the digital versions, have them on the go, easy to see in sunlight, and easy to carry around. There are so many reason why paper books should not be thrown away and be replaced with digital books and here is why. To start with paper books are easier for students and they cause no temptations. Just…

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  • Should Books Be Censored In Libraries

    Should authoritative books be censored in libraries? Some books can be offensive, but books are the key knowledge. Books like, Night by Elie wiesel, and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, are books that are hard to read, but are a reminder of history that we should never forget about. People should be free to read whatever they choose in a library and should be reminded of the history. Books have power and knowledge that should not be censored. Many books also have a lot of history . For…

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  • The Importance Of Banning Books In Schools

    are many meetings deciding whether the book should be banned or should stay. Challenging and banning books is a very popular matter now, with many eager to support, and some trying to get rid of the cause. Many parents and students question as to why books can be banned in the first place and what causes them to be taken out of so many schools. The authors of these novels have a few different opinions on taking these books out of schools. “Often…

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