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  • Half Priced Books: Book Analysis

    Half-Priced Books The children’s and young adult’s section at half priced books is not everything that one would expect it to be. Both sections were at the back of the store stuffed into a small corner area which made each section feel very small. There were also more parents in these sections than children, but my description of these areas may explain why this is so. Overall, I felt that these sections were more laid out for adults to buy books for their children than for children to come find the books that they want. Also for both sections staff never came over to see if help was needed to locate a book even when children were present in the areas. I’ll start off with the children’s section first. The selection available was very large…

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  • Paper Book Are Better Than Paper Books

    that trading in our paper books for digital versions will cause some problems. Paper books are easier for students; they cause no temptations, better for health, and no battery. They also the cost of the digital versions, have them on the go, easy to see in sunlight, and easy to carry around. There are so many reason why paper books should not be thrown away and be replaced with digital books and here is why. To start with paper books are easier for students and they cause no temptations. Just…

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  • The Importance Of Reading Books?

    comfort us and educate us. They touch our hearts and make us smile and cry, they make us human. When reading stories there is so much you can gain from them. Stories give you advice, and have morals, which teach you lessons. Even if you read a book for the hundredth time, when you finish it, it might teach you something new, or a new way to look at it. It gives different point of views. So then you might ask why read books? Well, reading books improves your imagination, it helps expand yourself…

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  • The Importance Of Traditional Books

    Once upon a time, books were artfully handwritten in beautiful calligraphy, and accompanied by gorgeous illustrations that lay between the leather bindings. Being very expensive, these works of art were highly treasured and valued. Six years ago, the book world was seized by collective panic over the uncertain future of print. With the rise of digital technology, many physical items, such as pen and paper, are slowly being replaced by computers and smartphones. It is a disappointment that…

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  • My Passion For Books

    For a long time I had absolutely no interest in books and even less interest in writing. No one encouraged me to read or write, no one cared. My passion for books was purely accidental and effortless. It sparked and bursted to life, burning like a forest fire over night. Learning how to read wasn’t difficult for me, I just didn’t care. While I went through first grade I never picked up a book and tried to read, I would just stare at the pictures; they were more interesting. I was in Germany at…

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  • The Importance Of Controversial Books

    knowledge and opinion. We are instilled to go to libraries and pick up some interesting books. Books are important for expanding our knowledge and help to develop our ability to make rational decisions. Reading different types of book can open our minds and prevent us from being frogs in the well, someone who cannot see a big picture since he or she is a close-minded. “American libraries should be open to all – except censor. We must know all the facts and hear all the alternatives and listen to…

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  • Pros And Cons Of E-Book And Paper Books

    Paper Books than Electronic Books among Students Do students prefer feel books in their hands or see them on a computer screen? Can they concentrate better using e-books or paper books? E-books came to existence before World War II with an American Engineer Vannevar Bush, who imagined the “memex” as a way for people to store and read great amounts of available information, but printed books began 560 years ago; memex is a device in which someone stores all his/her books (Manley and Holley,…

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  • Difference Between E-Book And Paper Book Reading

    the paper book to the e-book, not only the technology has changed, the audiences’ feeling and attitude towards reading also changed. Investigating how the audiences evaluate about the e-books compared with paper books can help to analyse the differences between paper book reading and e-book reading and evaluate the e-book reading culture. From the audiences’ perspective, e-book reading has many attractive advantages which paper book reading cannot achieve. When came about e-book reading,…

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  • Should Books Be Banned Essay

    To Ban or not to ban books? That is the question Should people be able to ban books because they think that the situations are to complex for younger children or to “inappropriate?”Should books be banned because kids are too young to understand things?Should books be allowed to be banned because an adult will think its to harsh about reality, or that the past is too horrific?Some people believe books in schools and libraries should not be banned because they are important parts of our history…

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  • Book Analysis: The Book Thief

    Ms. Nolt Grade 9 English Name: Mason Fredericks Essay: The Book Thief “She bent down and picked it up and held it firmly in her fingers.” -Markus Zusak 24. Within the Book Thief the main character, Liesel Meminger, is sent to a new family after her father and brother both die. She moves in with the Hubermanns; in her stay she learns a great sense of compassion, she learns how to read and write, and she also learns how to…

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