Book of Jonah

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  • Jonah And The Bible: The Book Of Jonah

    about Jonah? I believed Jonah was just a miraculous story about a man being swallowed by a fish. I assume that Jonah is the author of his own story. I know that Jonah was saved by the fish or whale for God’s purpose. He was being punished for not being aligned with God’s plans. The sea would play a role because it stored the beast that saves Jonah. It is miraculous and that is what makes it so memorable. How would you describe your relationship to Jonah I see Jonah as I see the rest of the Bible’s books as sacred text that goes along with the whole history of humanity. I can honestly say I have overlooked the prophets and have stayed primarily in the New Testament or the…

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  • The Book Of Jonah Case Study

    I. Introduction The book of Jonah can be used to postulate a number of different theological suppositions. For those that want to press their position on the sovereignty of God, then it easy to use Jonah for the way God manipulates the wind, the sea, the whale, the sun, and even the worms! For those that want to point out the debilitating effects of disobedience and its consequential effects toward depression, then Jonah is a good case study. This man begs God to take his life three times in…

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  • Thematic Essay On The Book Of Jonah

    The book of Jonah, just like the other Minor Prophets, is a short story – only 4 chapters with 48 vesicles – which, between other characteristics, its distinguishes by having the prophet as the main character, while the other prophets are only collections of oracles. Another difference with the other minor prophet books, is that the book of Jonah is a narrative story about the mission ordered to Jonah, and, even in other books of the Bible, we find parallel writings of this particular style,…

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  • Book Of Jonah Analysis

    The book of Jonah is different than most of the other prophetic books. Although Jonah is a prophetic book, it is written mainly in narrative form. All the chapters, with the exception of chapter two are written in narrative form. In chapter three of the book, the author used a variety of literary devices to move the plot of the narrative along. In this paper I will examine the literary form and features; discuss any important grammatical points; and perform the triangulation method on three…

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  • Book Of Jonah Essay

    a. Identify the general materials of the book. The book of Jonah is principally concerned with biographical (Jonah and Yahweh). 1. Jonah’s commission to preach to Nineveh, and his flight and deliverance (Jonah 1:1) “Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah…” (1:1) 2. Jonah’s commission to preach to Nineveh, and his compliance and anger (Jonah 3:1) “Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time…” (3:1) b. Locate the major units and subunits in the book and identify the major structural…

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  • Analysis Of A Service At Peace Missionary Baptist Church

    Carter’s message was that God can use Jonah better broken that he can whole. I even thought this caught my attention I don’t quite understand why God uses pain to correct us or anoint us. T.D Jakes once said that “anointing comes the pressing of God. He compared it to the olive and how in order to get oil the olive must be crushed. Pastor A.R Bernard said that people learn best from pain and that pain produces purpose. James1:2-4 says Consider it pure joy, my brother and sister, whenever you…

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  • An Example Of Exegesis Of Jonah 4

    paper I decided to choose the passage Jonah 4. In this paper we will start off at looking at the context of the passage and then we will do two different analysis on the passage. The two main questions that we will be trying to find out in this paper are: what is the significance of this historical account between the Lord and Jonah? And what does it mean? The two bible versions that I consulted for this paper…

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  • Athenodorus The Great David Analysis

    Pieces Greek: Lacoon and his sons, Agesander and Athenodorus and Polydorus of Rhod es, sculpture, 150 B.C.E -first century C.E. Discobolus, Myron, sculpture, 460- 450 B.C. Rome: Column of Trajan, Apollodorus of Damascus, Column sculpture, 106 - 113. Emperor Constantine I , unknown sculptor, Marbl e statue, 325 - 326. Early Christian: Jonah m:d the Whale, sculptor unknown, sarcophagus, late third century Jesus the Good Shepard, painter unknown, mural, fourth century Gothic: Annunciation…

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  • Hermeneutical Examples In The Book Of Jonah

    is impractical because the scriptures contain several different genres in a single book, let alone when all the scriptures combined. While technically a source criticism, it is also beneficial when working with biblical texts to ask when the…

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  • Nineveh Jonah Analysis

    Overview: God calls Jonah to preach to Nineveh, but Jonah refuses and runs away on a boat that he is later thrown over into the sea. Jonah was swallowed by a large fish and prayed for forgiveness, so God made the fish spit him out onto land. God once again sent Jonah to Nineveh where the people except the message and repent. Jonah is furious that they were saved and his prophecy of their distraction does not come true. Behind the Text: When Nineveh is mentioned in the book of Zephaniah, that…

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