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  • Personal Narrative: Observation In Latin America

    A roar of anger blows up the classroom, that is now on the other side of the bookcase. I wonder around the room questioning which path to take. I pace over to the introduction of each path. As I look down the long hallway, I notice a cry for help coming behind one of the doors. I want to go and see what is going on, but the Mrs.Berntson has demolished ,most of the bookcase. And that was my cue to leave! I break to spiral stair case, skipping each step until I reach the ruling platform. I trudge over to the balcony and peek over. Right as I glance at the bookcase Mrs.Berntson charges though it…

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  • Write An Essay Of A Short Story (Bfg)

    As deaf as a post, I was intensely focused on reading the amazing book, BFG. The magical book about a young innocent 8-year old boy around my age was fascinating. I was so immensely engrossed in this extraordinary story by Dahl that I did not notice that, as quick as a rabbit, the typically unremarkable television had begun to strangely hobble over to me on old wooden legs. It was not until it harshly bumped into me with its black box, grey screen, old-fashion appearance, and light brown legs…

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  • Stuffed Animals Research Paper

    I used to believe that stuffed animals were the thing of kid’s play, objects that remained only in the realm of childhood. It was four years ago, during the precarious transition from childhood to adolescence when I realized my fallacy. One of the greatest assets of the new bedroom in my family’s new house was the tall ten-foot bookcase that sat right next to my bed. It was this bookshelf that prompted me to select the bedroom as my own, fueling my lofty dream of having my own personal library.…

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  • College Admissions Essay: My Level Of Commitment

    My identity can be reduced to one major quality; my level of commitment. My commitment can be seen symbolized on my bookcase. On top of my bookcase rests my academic lettermen patch, my trophies from years past, and above it all I have hung my cross, which, when the sun hits just right, envelopes everything on top of the bookcase in a far-reaching shadow. I have been committed to pursuing a higher education for my entire life, and my commitment to myself and my education is constantly…

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  • Creative Writing: The Assassination House

    prepare to pounce on anything. Which I found absurd, because the FBI was in the office as well, at least, eight of them. I got the fingerprint and tucked it in my bag. Nate was staring intensely at the bookcase. “Read the sticky note,” Nate said. “You’re getting warmer. I am in the room. Try to find me now” I read aloud. Nate is staring at the bookcase because he thinks it leads to a secret room. “Why are you so scared of opening this room,” I said as I pushed the bookcase on one end. Which…

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  • Drawing Wendy's Room

    On the desk are supposed to be a book and artwork. Above Wendy and the bookcase is also another painting. Wendy, who didn't want to grow up, had a more imaginative and open personality (Barrie, 1). “As time goes by, characters create internal and external connections which make memories of experiences changing the character's identity.” The drawing can support the statement because the sentence talks about how time can change and influence a person's identity, and when Wendy went to Neverland,…

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  • Argumentative Essay: TEX-Mex's Home

    People can add anything they want into the corn tortillas. They can add meat and beans to make the corn tortillas become a traditional TEX-MEX food. They also can add something else to make the corn tortillas become a special food. Except special TEX-MEX food, the design of the restaurant are also very good. The whole restaurant is full of the hip hop style in Mexico. As walk in, the waiters who wear cowboy will treat you warmly. Follow them, you will enter the world of Mexico. The cook who wear…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On The Outsiders

    I hear the familiar yell of my mother from downstairs as I scramble to fix the bookshelf I had just toppled over. I was twelve at the time, yet my curiosity and boyish desire to explore led me to my failed attempt to reach the fabled attic. It was about ten feet tall to reach the cord that would open the attic, so I devised a scheme to use the bookcase as a stepstool. The feeble bookcase had too narrow of a base to support my wiry 90 pound frame, and shortly after I commenced the climb I found…

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  • High Priestess And Zweistromland Analysis

    Anselm Kiefer gave a double title High Priestess and Zweistromland ( 1985-1989, 500 x 800 x 100 cm, about 200 books of lead, on steel shelves, with glass and copper) to his monumental archive installation exhibited for the first time in 1989 at the Anthony d'Offay Gallery at the Riverside Studios in London . The installation consists of two large 13 foot high bookcases positioned at such an angle that the bookcases themselves represent pages of an open book. The bookcases are filled with over…

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  • Analysis Of Interstellar

    The message reads: “STAY.” Cooper assured Murph that ghosts aren’t real and left. On the far end of the galaxy, Cooper goes into the black hole Gargantua. Once he is inside this black hole, Cooper finds himself in a “tesseract,” which is essentially the back side of his daughter’s bookcase. But it’s the back side of every single moment in time that his daughter’s bookcase has ever existed. Cooper is told by helpful robot buddy Tars that the alien built this magical Infinite Bookshelf so that…

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