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  • Creative Writing: The Book Thief Liesel Meminger

    The entire bedroom was enclosed in a blanket of darkness. I could hear my sisters, Lillian and Angela, breathing lightly as sleep came across them. I edged my way to the little bookcase next to my bed and my hand fumbled across it; I felt my horse figurines, a few hairclips, and a notebook, but I didn’t need those things now. Finally, my hand located my mini yellow flashlight I had earned at that year’s summer reading program. Grasping it tightly, I retreated to my pillow and reached underneath…

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  • The Dairy Of Anne Frank Character Analysis

    The screenplay, “The Dairy of Anne Frank” written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett describes the lives of the residents in the secret annexe behind the bookcase during the Holocaust in Amsterdam. Throughout this script Anne, an animated character, changes in many ways from growing up and maturing. In the beginning of the dialog, Anne’s personality starts out as a juvenile and naive little girl who has zeal to explore the wonders of the world. To exemplify, Mr. Van Daan, a selfish man,…

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  • Importance Of Media In Social Media

    Task 1A Screen to screen or face to face Social media takes up so much time of our life. Some people can’t even go 5 minutes without checking their phone. Are we choosing to talk to each other on the phone rather than face to face? Maybe we need to find something in-between. The way we communicate have changed a lot over the past years. When you talk on social media you never know how the person you talk to will react, but face to face you can look the person in their eyes. It`s important to…

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  • My Classroom-Personal Narrative

    One day during my summer holiday, I was clearing out my high school bookcase. A pink piece of paper fell out as I pulled out my English textbook. As soon as I saw that piece of paper, I immediately recognized it. It was the love letter that I wrote for my crush in my freshman year. At once, a feeling of regret instantly overwhelmed me, and my memory flashed back to my freshman year…If I had one more chance, if my high school life could restart, I would certainly give that letter to her. Yet, I…

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  • Emergent Maths Essay

    All children have an inbuilt mathematical knowledge of some sorts in which it is possible for them to build on. Emergent mathematics is how we use to describe how children construct their maths knowledge. The principle of emergent mathematics is that children should be exposed to maths from the day they are born despite their age. Children are taught to use their previous knowledge to solve a maths problem. This helps children to understand how the problem has been solved and not given the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My New Home In The US

    The gleaming sun caressed my squinting face as I glanced up at the magnificent blue sky decorated with white, fluffy clouds that resembled cotton candy. I was outside exploring the vast backyard while barefoot. It was my first morning in the United States. My stepfather, my siblings, and I had arrived seven hours ago from the Philippines to our new home in Rhode Island from the T. F. Green Airport at around midnight. Last night was my first time seeing my mother in a year. I was furious,…

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  • Summary Of The Handmaid's Tale

    FINDING MEANING IN MY FAVOURITE TEXT Margaret Atwood engages readers in her enthralling literary masterpiece entitled “The Handmaid’s Tale”, set against the backdrop of a gloomy dystopic future which explores women subjugation in a male-privileging society. Breaking out of the habit of reading via the ‘Leavis method’, to read and interpret from different perspectives can, in Robert Eaglestone’s perspective, “[..] change your ideas about the text and even about your place in the world”.…

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  • Deception In A Doll's House

    It is not without significance that Henrik Ibsen chose to name his socio-critical play A Doll’s House, and not The Doll’s House, nor Doll’s House. Indeed, removing the indefinite article would defeat the purpose of exposing the triviality of this situation and attributing it a universal value. Such is the case for Nora: a young girl living her life as ‘a doll’ in a society fixated on superficial appearances over truth and integrity. However, as the play progresses, such appearances prove to be…

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  • Imagery In The Catcher In The Rye By J. D. Salinger

    “There was the same massive, black wood, glass-topped desk, the same red carpet, the same glass-enclosed wooden bookcases jammed tight with books, the same musty old-book odor in the air, the same single lightbulb glowing white behind its ceiling fixture” (Potok 280). This example of imagery shows how the environment the boys lived in stays the same, it is Daniel and…

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  • Georgia State Prison Essay

    Residing in the unincorporated Tattnall County outside of Reidsville, GA is the home of Georgia’s Department of Corrections (GDC), formerly the Georgia Industrial Institute, purchased by the state in 1937 for approximately 1.3 million dollars. The facility had renovation done in 2007. The prison originally housed juvenile delinquents. It’s now a medium security state prison. This prison is the oldest still running correctional institution in the state of Georgia. Just like Georgia’s state prison…

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