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  • Importance Of Confidence On Confidence

    The cause of failure and fear in our life is due to lack of confidence. When we loose our confidence, we can’t control our emotion and we afraid for making something wrong. There are many merit that we can obtain from boosting our self confidence which is one of the strongest pillar of success. Keeping ourselves nice and pretty helps us boost our confidence. If we are confidence we can perform better and will be street out. Having a confidence means self believe and increase the faith on ourselves. Refreshing ourselves by caring our dress and beautifying our image is worth for building us stronger and more confidence. In order to have our best interest on life, we have to read ourselves and we have to understand what we are looking to have…

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  • The Character Of Ignatius In A Confederacy Of Dunces

    In the novel, A Confederacy of Dunces, Ignatius is not the best when it comes to understanding people. When he meets a man named Dorian, nothing changes. Dorian is amused by Ignatius ‘originality’ and humors what he says. But when Dorian insists that Ignatius is nuts, Ignatius starts to insult the gay community. But when Ignatius see’s that the Gay community in New Orleans is larger than he thought, even extending to the military, he decides to work with them. The gay community in New Orleans…

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  • Personal Narrative: After Hurricane Katrina

    The end of August 2005 is a period of time that many along the entire Gulf Coast area will never forget. Hurricane Katrina, even ten years later, is one of the most catastrophic natural disasters in United States history. Despite the awareness and preparation that is afforded when anticipating a hurricane, the Gulf Coast was severely devastated when the storm made landfall on August 29, 2005. Although there was widespread destruction, the region most decimated by the hurricane was New Orleans.…

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  • Media Analysis: The Impacts Of Hurricane Katrina

    August 29, 2005 was a tragic day for the residents in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama. It was a day that would change their lives. On August 25, Hurricane Katrina hit land in Florida as a Category 1 hurricane with winds of 40 mph. On August 28, in the Gulf of Mexico, Katrina became a Category 5 with winds of 175 mph. At 6:10 on August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Louisiana. When it finally reached Louisiana on August 29, it had weakened to a Category 3 with…

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  • LGBT Case Study

    Marcus is a 16 year old African American male who was living in Pine Hill, Alabama with his both parents. Recently, Marcus was kicked out the home because his parents, who are conservative Christians, learned that Marcus is gay. After, Marcus was caught shoplifting in Midtown Mobile at the Walmart off Hwy south of Interstate 65. Mobile is the third populous city in the state of Alabama. According to the U.S. Census reported Mobile population estimates at an approximate 195,111 people living in…

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  • Visitorz Case Study

    Visitorz: Mobile Services Possible Upgrades and Forecasts Introduction Everything’s gone mobile right now and no one can stop it from growing. We’re now on the age of mobile. People are now using mobile phones not only for calling or texting, but also for gaming, music, recreational activities and the likes. People are diversifying mobile phones into “all-in-one” tool that could cover pretty much everything that we do every day. This is why lots and lots of people are…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Smartphone And Mobile Apps

    stunningly dominate the mobile web time Mobile phones, especially since the era of Smartphone’s have modified the lifestyle and the routine of the people. These touch-enabled devices can assist a person daily in almost all the aspects of life. Right from booking a cab to go to the office in the morning to ordering food in the evening, Smartphone’s are the means that most of them use. Powerful Combo of Smartphone’s and Mobile Apps Smartphone’s have changed the way in which people used to…

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  • Why You Should Listen To Google

    Google asking to go mobile friendly is just common sense! God of Internet just asked a new offering: Go Mobile Friendly! All the websites are at the mercy of ‘Google God’ and tries to keep the god happy by offerings like SEO strategies, original content, modern features, etc. If you do all this very well, the Google God becomes happy and returns a flood of visitors to your website. That’s how it works. Google changes its web protocols, policies and algorithms from time to time and most of the…

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  • Mobile Application Development Case Study

    6 Major Mistakes That Mobile App Development Startups Must Avoid As the mobile applications have gained immense popularity across the globe, people of almost all age groups prefer mobile apps for most of their routine tasks. Today, when applications have become an integral part of life, it is encouraging folks to consider their career in mobile application development. Certainly, there are several mobile application startup companies, and some more new startups will probably evolve at the very…

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  • Speedy Checkout Reflection Paper

    The traditional way of checking out is currently waiting in line to access a self-checkout machine or have a cashier help you. The process of completing a transaction typically adds a reasonable amount of time people spend at the front of the store. People across the world continue to wait in long lines. People shop at a minimum of once a month for food. The main issue many people dislike about shopping is waiting in line and trying to find the correct items. My disruptive technology is to have…

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