Boolean logic

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  • Legal Constraints In Forensic Science

    [6,11], such as microfluidic [12] and lab-on-a-chip [13] systems. A novel approach, the recognition of biomarkers from biological substances for forensic applications, can be borrowed from recent developments recently established biomolecular computing systems [15]. Such biocomputing systems are based on proteins/enzymes [16,17], DNA [18], RNA [19], DNAzymes [20], and/or whole cells [21] and are capable of performing logic operations by processing multiple biochemical input signals. Based on the particular biomolecular systems, various Boolean logic operations such as AND, OR, XOR, NOR, NAND, INHIB, XNOR, etc., are realized [15]. Sophisticated networks composed of several linked biomolecular logic gates performing complex logic operations were designed for unconventional computing applications [15]. Rapid progress was recently achieved in the area of enzyme-based biocomputing systems which has allowed for the construction of conjoined logic networks composed of several gates that are performing various Boolean logic operations as well as including non-Boolean elements [16]. Seemingly chemical information processing systems were originally considered to be exclusively for computational applications, [22,23] however recent studies demonstrate that they have features suitable for analytical/bioanalytical use [24,25]. These systems can analyze several biochemical signals according to a “preprogrammed” algorithm which can then generate a binary “YES/ NO” answer without using…

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  • WRTG 101 Reflective Report

    create search strategies and eventually develop a structure for my assignment. Following this structure, helped to make my paper flow, which was an attribute my teacher pointed out on my final draft of the paper. Seeing this statement from my teacher, boosted my confidence and affirmed that the use of pre-writing techniques was improving my writing skills. Another vital part of this curriculum, and of effective writing, is effective research. The online library was one of the most useful tools…

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  • School And Work-Related Activities Case Study

    Google. Why? Google has proven time after time, that they have truly mastered the art of finding and retrieving information better than any other search engine I have tried. And, they seem to retrieve it faster than any other search engine. What searching strategies and Boolean Search Strategies have yielded the best search results for you? Personally, I prefer using brackets, quotation marks, and the + sign. When using these Boolean operators, the information returned will be more…

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  • Similarities Between Peter The Great And Odysseus

    superiority. Some people may say that having the quality of strength in whatever way is an unimportant leader quality because it’s not needed to be an effective leader, a leader will never use their strength. However, that is not true, without the quality of strength physically or mentally there is only have weakness and effective leaders are not weak. Although strength is a great quality to have another good one is logic. Effective leaders need to use logic to get into the minds’ of their…

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  • The Onestate Analysis

    Both of these tenants cause citizens of the OneState to strive towards becoming the most perfectly logical beings possible, by modeling themselves after machines. In their quest for full mechanization, however, the OneState veers into the realm of mad science when they attempt to “repair” the parts of their humanity that aren’t totally logical, such as their Imagination. D-503 illustrates the OneState society’s obsession with logic through his record entries, where he uses mathematical terms…

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  • Examples Of Satisfiability Analysis

    and hard for the class.Here is another fact about NP-complete sets and polynomial reducibilities, which will be our major tool in proving sets NP-complete. NP-complete problems are the hardest problems in NP set. A decision problem L is NP-complete if: 1) L is in NP (Any given solution for NP-complete problems can be verified quickly, but there is no efficient known solution). 2) Every problem in NP is reducible to L in polynomial time. Therefore, NP-Complete set is also a subset of NP-Hard…

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  • P Vs. NP Problem: The Greatest Unsolved Problem In Mathematics And Computer Science

    . III. PERVASIVE NP COMPLETE PROBLEMS NP complete problem occurs in almost every domain of Mathematics and computer science such as Boolean Algebra and logic, Graph Theory, Theory of Automata, Set Theory, Algebra and Number theory and so on. Its application are used in Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics etc. To understand NP complete problems and their reduction, Clique problem is presented and proved as NP Complete. The notion of NP Completeness was proposed by Cook in 1971and they…

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  • The Morality Of Active And Passive Euthanasia

    I believe that Mr. Rachels would agree with my argument above. In his article titled “Active and Passive Euthanasia,” he explains two scenarios; a case involving a patient with incurable throat cancer, and another involving a baby with Down’s syndrome and a easily treatable intestinal blockage. Though these arguments cover a wide range of cases, they don’t appear to apply to Ms. Reese’s case. Throughout James Rachels’ discussion of the morality of active versus passive euthanasia, he fails to…

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  • Why Is Being Biased Towards Bias?

    relying on reasoning and proof to influence belief or behavior through the use of spoken or written messages” (Rybacki 3). Notably being biased in an argument has a negative connotation amongst people and can also be used as a tool to attack an opponent in an argument (Walton 28). Alternatively, others believe being biased is having a passion to a particular stand point. There are numerous types of bias and after processing them in an argument it is logically to believe that an argument can…

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  • Analysis Of Joesph Wenzel's Three Perspectives On Argument

    entitled “Three Perspectives on Argument,” describes what he believes to be the three fundamental parts to any beneficial argument. Wenzel explains that through the combined use of rhetoric, dialectic, and logic, arguments that can greatly influence a society are possible, and asserts his theory of persuasion by connecting aspects of each component to the theories of esteemed experts of argumentation in order to increase the credibility of his argument. Wenzel first discusses the concept…

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