Borderline intellectual functioning

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  • Carrie Stangis Case Study

    Integration • Community • Services Coordination • Community Employment Services • Job Development • Job-Site Training • Job Supports • Employment Services Coordination • Organizational Employment Services The human problems that Carrie work with in her job are • Intellectual Disabilities • Cognitive Disabilities • Developmental Disability • Chronic Illness Describe the human problems this person works with in his/her job. I asked Carrie if it was possible for her to give me an idea of how one becomes label as being intellectual, cognitive or developmental disable. She explains Developmental disability normally happens before…

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  • Hidden Intellectualism In Gerald Graff's Article: Hidden Intellectualism

    He encourages me and sometimes even pressures me to obtain the highest form of “book smart” while using my observations of street smarts from him. Therefore, I agree to the extent that schools should incorporate the students’ passions into scholarly subjects to help transition the “rudiments of the intellectual life” within the main subjects in school, but not with his idea about “developing classroom units on sports, cars, fashions, rap music, and other such topics,” (Graff, 64). Schools should…

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  • The Argument Of Hidden Intellectualism

    Hidden Intellectualism has been become a controversial topic for educators of late and needs to be assessed so that educators can address this particular issue and modify classroom teachiwhether or not a person with a highly evolved “street smarts” and who does poorly in an academic environment should be considered any less intellectual than one who is well acclimated to academia and categorized as an excellent student On the one hand gerald graff argues that “real intellectuals turn any…

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  • Analysis Of Hidden Intellectualism In Blue Colored Brilliance

    into successful academic people. In Graff’s story he does a great way of listing the ideas to support how his mother still learned intellectual ideas by not going to college. Whereas Rose, tells stories about the ways that he thinks street smart people can be turned into successful people along with a little bit…

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  • Gerald Graff's Response: Hidden Intellectualism

    subject is just as academic. I agree with Graff’s main point, however, I take umbrage with small details used in the essay. In any other world of that has interests or hobbies, that specific brand of intellectualism is just as important as academic intellectualism. Graff writes that colleges and schools argue that subjects that are not inherently weighty and academic are not worth improving our intellects: “We assume that it’s possible to wax intellectual about Plato,…

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  • Hidden Intellectualism Gerald Graff Analysis

    Graff then reveals the logical conclusion behind his adolescent story, “I see now that in the interminable analysis of sports teams, movies, and toughness…I was practicing being an intellectual before I knew that was what I wanted to be” (383). Through the analysis of street smart subjects, Graff discovers the basics of critical thinking. Thus, Graff is living proof that street smarts have intellectual depth. This in turn, reinforces the reader’s earlier insights and solidifies Graff’s argument…

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  • Analysis Of Gerald Graf's Project In Hidden Intellectualism

    the mask of normal discussions about sports, soap operas, and fashion, among others. Most students harbor intellectual resources that go untapped by formal schooling. According to Graff, book smarts may take various forms and hide in what is commonly referred to as “street smarts”, hence the phrase “hidden” intellectualism (Cooke, 2013). For this…

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  • Essay On Russian Intellectual

    This paper is about Russian Intellectuals. There are a lot of things to talk about on this topic, but to save some time here is a short list of the information. First is what the word intellectuals is and how it was for the people and government of Russia. Second would be about the first Intelligently and how it started, under the Soviet rule and many other things. Third would be about Russia’s Intellectual problem or problems, and fourth is Origins of Russian Intellectual Culture. Fifth and…

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  • Fae Music Case Study

    The issues are (i) whether Eason and Faye are partners of FAE Music; (ii) whether they are liable for breach of contract with (a) studio musicians and (b) Andy, for (c) copyright infringement against Andy and (d) destruction of the recording equipment; and (iii) if yes, whether they can share the liabilities with Ringo. Partnership Faye, Adele and Eason signed a written agreement providing for each of them to share the business’ profits and defining their respective responsibilities in FAE…

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  • Analysis Of Coca-Cola's Anti-Bribery Policy

    supply chain within the communities where the company operates. Coca-Cola’s approach to sustainable agriculture is based on the principles of protecting the environment and upholding rights, as well as helping in building more sustainable communities. To meet the company 's expectations and that of its stakeholders, it would be essential to maintain a sustainable and secure supply of agricultural ingredients that define the company 's brands. Another trade policy that currently affects…

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