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  • What Were The Importance Of Feudalism In The Russian Empire Of 1860

    The Russian Empire of 1860 was increasingly desperate of reforms and more so the creation of an Imperium was necessary since western historian and soviet scholar believed that the feudal world was becoming inevitable. In fact, researchers such as Smith have shrewdly pointed that within the soviet culture and achievement of reforms of the 1860s; have been less highly valued than in our bourgeois world 176. The great reforms aimed at balancing interests of different social groups – feudalism even though this failed and in fact, capitalism took place. Feudalism was interested in reducing social and economic disparities of the Russian society as well as, addressing the land question. By 1860, the peasants, who by that time were referred to us…

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  • The Byzantine Empire, The Byzantine Empire, And The Russian Empire

    By definition, an empire is: “a major political unit having a territory of great extent or a number of territories or peoples under a single sovereign authority.” Throughout history, there have been hundreds, if not thousands of empires that have risen and fallen over millennia. Some of them stand out more than others. In this paper, three of some of the most powerful empires will be discussed: the Mongol empire, the Byzantine Empire, and the Russian Empire. When one hears the term “Mongol…

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  • The Impact Of The Mongol Empire On The Russian Empire

    The impact and legacy of the Mongol Empire carried both negative and positive impacts on the Russian empire. These impacts have shaped not only the history of Russian’s but even modern day Russia and its role in world history today. The Mongols ruled over Russia for over 200 years and within this time, they managed to acquire the largest land empire in history. Founded by Genghis Khan in 1206, the Mongols tactics were both ruthless and impressively successful. Seeing the Mongol empire as both…

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  • Catherine The Great Failure Of Catherine The Great

    Catherine the Great died while in a coma, which was caused by a stroke at the age of 67. She ruled with an enlightened mind, making her country better and not just seeking power for herself. She was able to accomplish several amazing things as well as conquering many failures, making both into benefits for Russia. Catherine the Great was a German princess turned Russian Empress. She gained her throne through a coup d’état with her husband Peter III, ruling for 34 years until her death. Many…

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  • The Causes And Aspects Of The Austrian Revolution Of 1848

    Aside from the successful unifications of Italy and Germany, many other countries were also undergoing change to become better, successful, and more dominant. Mainly, there were three countries that had experienced reforms or changes. One of these countries or nations, was the Austrian Empire. As the only lasting result of the revolution of 1848 was the emancipation, which freed the serfs; the Austrian Empire was in need of economic and social change. However, this change brought about an urban…

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  • The Reforms Of Alexander II And Peter I Of Russia

    existed throughout the empire. In 1855 a distant heir, Alexander II would ascend to the throne and in the footsteps of his predecessor, and in a similar manner, execute similar reforms. Both propelled using European models, both the reforms of Peter and those of Alexander sought to revitalize Russia, in order to make the Empire more successful against European powers. One would succeed and usher in a period of administrative prosperity, that would properly unite Russia under a central…

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  • Was Peter Truly Great?

    oppression to get there (“Czap”). Peter the Great was truly a great leader because he modernized by building up the military, integrated Russia into the global economy, and formed a unique Russian identity. His important reforms restructured and strengthened Russia, enabling it to become a powerful state under the influence of Peter the Great. Peter had always been a strong-willed young man, anticipating a great…

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  • The Impact Of Rasputin On The Downfall Of Tsarist Russia

    “The revolution happened because I didn’t kill him in time to stop it” Felix Yusupov How far did the political and personal influence exerted by Rasputin lead to the downfall of Tsarist Russia?  General information on this topic Nicholas II of Russia was the last emperor of Russia (1st November 1894 to 15th March 1917). His reign saw the dramatic fall of the imperial Russian empire. After the Febuary revolution of 1917 Nicholas was forced to abdicate the throne. In 1918, Nicholas and his family…

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  • The Contributions Of Tsar Nicholas II

    Leaders are generally looked up upon, and make choices that benefit the country and its citizens. Tsar Nicholas II was a notorious Russian ruler who was inexperienced and generated a large quantity of issues and was the last ruler to inherit the throne. His father, Alexander III passed away on November 1, 1894, which caused Nicholas II to inherit the throne. Nicholas II was infamous due to his poor decision-making skills which ultimately led to the downfall of Russia. He was greedy and kept all…

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  • Tsar Nicholas II: An Overseer And A Leader

    There is a major and distinct difference between being an overseer and a leader. Both are based on supremacy, but an overseer demand obsequious behavior while a leader earn trust through understanding others. During Tsar Nicholas II reign; he was known for being the last Romanov leaders. Tsar’s government held totally power, along with the inability to rule over Russia. Tsar was dethroned and later executed with his family for his poor judgement and Russia being in chaos. Industrialism did not…

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