October Revolution

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  • Coup Or Social Rebellion In The October Revolution

    The October Revolution: Coup or Social Uprising? Historians along the century have questioned the veracity of the narrative the Bolsheviks fed to the people of Russia and the rest of the world. These historians claim that the communist party has distorted the facts of said revolution to control masses during the Soviet reign. The overthrow of the Provisional Government in October 1917 was both a Bolshevik-engineered coup d’état and a popular revolution. Chroniclers have debated this statement owing to the fact that said people come from different socio-political backgrounds and the varying historiographies of individual authors. To understand the factual purpose of the Revolution, one must understand the words used to describe them. The definition…

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  • Causes Of The March Revolution Of 1917

    In 1917, two revolutions happened that would change the future of Russia forever. In March, the strikes, and rebellion has caused the abdication of the Tsar Nicholas II, and the Provisional Government coming to power, and in October, the Bolsheviks had gained power to overtake the Provisional Government, and be the sole rulers of Russia. 1. March Revolution From 1894 to 1917, Russia was ruled by Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia. During time of innovation, Russia was still clinging…

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  • Rise Of The Bolsheviks And Communism

    the war, the two countries fought over land and by the end there was a clear victor - Japan (Llewellyn, 2012). This brought rage and embarrassment upon the Russian people. Additionally, Russia had became the first European power to lose to an Asian power. When World War One began, the Russian army and the Russian people were hoping for a triumphant victory to bring the Motherland back to glory. However, the conditions in Russia meant the army was ill-equipped, not well funded and not well…

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  • Downfall Of Tsardom Analysis

    process, but rather as a consequence of the Russian Revolution of 1917 as well as a sequence of unmanageable and highly antagonistic acts that involved contrasting parties, which occurring simultaneously consequently led to Russia’s collapse. The very trigger for the fall of Tsardom does not only stem from the mismanagement of the World War I effort, but also from a revolt of the most conservative traditionalists in Russian society, who were appalled by the Crown’s imprudent…

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  • The Three Main Causes And Consequences Of The Russian Revolution

    Revolution according to the Webster Dictionary "is a sudden, extreme or complete change in the way people live work etc". During the World War 1 Russia witnessed the transition to a different and renewed that brought with itself some good and bad consequences; however it is necessary to analyze and understand each phase of the process in order to create a concept and a point of view. The Russian revolution has three main causes: political, social and economics. Political: Russia was being…

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  • The Causes Of The Russian Revolution Of 1917

    Russian Revolution of 1917 covers the major events such as the February Revolution and the October Revolution that result in the established of the Soviet Union. The Russian Revolution caused the encounter of labors and people. Their sacrifices and protests eventually made the revolution come true. Since the socialist government overthrew the czarist government, there were both political and economic exchanges occurred in the revolution. The Russian kept seeking the true communism and socialism…

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  • How Did Lenin Contribute To The Formation Of Bolsheviks

    On October 1917, the Bolshevik party seized control over the Winter Palace in Petrograd without firing a single shot. They had been in search of this opportunity for several years. As the opportunity arose, the Bolshevik party arose with the power of giving in to the needs of the people by taking advantage of the provisional government. The Bolsheviks ability to take advantage of the provisional government enable them to take control over Russia. Although, the Bolshevik party was able to take…

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  • Cause Of Russian Revolution Essay

    One of the many problems Russia had that led to the eventual outbreak of the Russian Revolution and the creation of the Communist Party was that they had a lot of economic issues. These economic issues troubled Russia before, during and after World War One. Russia 's army was ill- equipped. Russia did not have strong munitions industry and supplies couldn 't be shipped by the allies. Troops frequently ran out of weapons and had to wait for someone to be killed or injured to get weapons. On…

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  • 1905 Russian Revolution Research Paper

    At the Second Congress of the Russian Democratic Labor Party, it was agreed upon that Russia was in need of a revolution as the workers and peasants of the country were becoming dissatisfied with the Czar and the government. The end goal of the revolution was to be socialism. However, Congress split into two parties: the Bolsheviks (the majority) and the Mensheviks (the minority). The main disagreements revolved around party membership, with the Mensheviks arguing for a broad-based membership…

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  • The Red Scare: The Fear Of Communism In America

    history. The 1920s Red Scare was essentially built on American intolerance, fear of change, and of course, Propaganda. The scare targeted immigrants as the American government looked for someone to pin their fears on. To say that the fear of communism started all at once out of thin air would be incorrect. It was gradually boiling up starting with the Bolshevik Revolution. In the early 1900s, the Bolshevik Revolution broke out in Russia following the February Revolution. The February…

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