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  • Octopus Essay

    world of the octopus and describe her journey in her book “Soul of an Octopus”. Montgomery describes her journey from the beginning, giving readers facts and information about these interesting invertebrates, and describing how she developed a strong bond to these animals that are seem so unlike to herself. She started at the New England Aquarium, where she met and befriended 4 octopuses thought the course of the book. For this book report, I will focus more on the life of one of the octopuses, Octavia,…

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  • The Blue Ringed Octopus (BRO)

    only animal on the planet that doesn’t make its own venom. The Blue-Ringed Octopus (BRO) or Hapalochlaena maculosa lives in tide pools and coral reefs. They can often be found in the south coast of Australia, from Western Australia to eastern Victoria. Over time natural selection picked the BROs that is the color closest to the color of their environment. This helps the octopi blend in with their environment and become harder to see. When relaxed the BRO is light beige, blending in with the…

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  • Cladriah Felweaver Short Story

    the potion, shimmered. The water now white and purple. She capped the potion and put in the aging shelf. The shelf was chronologically altered. The potion rapidly aged as the unstable energies calmed down allowing it to be drinkable. Lilith pulled the Ley Potion out. Unlike most mana potions, this was pure arcane mana. A little addicting, but extremely potent. She slapped a warning label, detailing potential side effects, and added it’s label. She also slapped on a final label. “Not approved by…

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  • Frank Louis Allen Live I Analysis

    connects together perfectly no matter what the object is transitioning into. Allen uses mainly a black marker in his drawing adding very little color though out the drawing to help make certain parts stand out more. Each drawing is very difficult to describe without saying the word “crazy” because there is a lot to one piece. In Live I there are a lot of animals and various faces with color placed in areas of small detail. He adds small red dots on an octopus and in various areas he adds grey…

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  • Dumbo Octopus Essay

    Dumbo Octopus The small octopus in Finding Nemo is a dumbo octopus which obtained its name from the famous Disney elephant Dumbo. Despite the fact that this octopus doesn’t live on a coral reef, but on the bottom of the ocean it also isn’t pink. They do in fact live all over the world including Australia. The dumbo octopus is not very well known, but it has amazing physical traits, behavior, and reproductive abilities. This particular octopus is much smaller compared to other species of octopi.…

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  • Octopus Cyanea Characteristics

    name of the Octopus Cyanea, also known as the Blue Octopus, is “Octopodidae”. The Genus species name is “Smoothskin Octopus”. Characteristics Describe the characteristics of your animal. The Octopus Cyanea is a marvelous creature. Their color varies, but they are usually a dark color, such as gray or brown. Even though they have a solid color, they have the ability to rapidly change their skin texture and color. The texture of skin changes in correspondence to the texture of the seabed they’re…

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  • Essay On Octopus Vulgaris

    Octopus Vulgaris and Memory Octopus Vulgaris are invertebrates who are a species of cephalopods that are among the smartest and most functionally diverse animals not only in the ocean, but of the planet. Octopus Vulgaris have been tested for their knowledge with memory and survival through experiments. Memory is an important part of O. Vulgaris life because they need to have a mental map of where they went so they can remember where their home base is. They also need good memory to remember how…

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  • Examples Of Individualism In The Octopus

    LITERATURE Your Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Octopus, a Story of California: Finding Americanism in the Character of Presley The Octopus, a Story of California is a novel from Benjamin Franklin Norris, Jr., the American novelist. Apart from this novel, The McTeague (1899) and The Pit (1903) are some of the examples that show his beautiful writing skills. The Octopus, a Story of California is a story of all about conflict among ranchers and the Pacific and Southwestern…

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  • The Octopus: A Short Story

    “Scientists have playfully named this specimen Dumbo,” the TV narrator says. I smile to myself. I have a secret: I wish I was Dumbo the Octopus. Adapted to freezing deep-ocean Dumbo the Octopus. Adapted to freezing deep-ocean temperatures, I’d flop around down there at peace. The big concerns of my life would be what sort of bottom-coating slime to feed off of—that’s not so different from now—plus I wouldn’t have any natural predators; then again, I don’t have any now, and that hasn’t done me a…

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  • Dumbo Octopus Research Paper

    know that Dumbo Octopus is located at the bottom of every ocean in the world? The Dumbo Octopus is located in the deep depths in oceans, and rarely gets any sunlight since it lives so deep. The Dumbo Octopus is rarely seen, and that’s why only very few people know about it. Dumbo Octopuses live in the deep depths in the New Zealand, Australia, Monterey Bay in California, in the waters of Oregon and the Philippines, as well as Papua, and New Guinea. The Dumbo Octopus lives in the depths of the…

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