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8 paragraphs that describe the book of octopuses
Octopuses are considered the world’s smartest invertebrate, which is one of the reasons that sparked Sy Montgomery’s interest in the animals. As a naturalist and author, she decided to explore the world of the octopus and describe her journey in her book “Soul of an Octopus”. Montgomery describes her journey from the beginning, giving readers facts and information about these interesting invertebrates, and describing how she developed a strong bond to these animals that are seem so unlike to herself. She started at the New England Aquarium, where she met and befriended 4 octopuses thought the course of the book. For this book report, I will focus more on the life of one of the octopuses, Octavia,
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Self-psychology theory was introduced by Heinz Kohut in the 1950s which he developed into the 1980s to explain an individual’s subjective experience of life (Kohut and Ornstein, 2011). In relation to the human animal bond, the two most important aspects of the theory are “self” and the “self-object”. The self is an individual’s core personality that gives them well being and good self esteem (Brown, 2004). This usually encompasses many different aspects including values and acquired skills. On the other hand, a self-object helps maintain a healthy self by providing positive responses from the environment. Self-objects can be categorized into three different groups: mirroring, idealizing and twinship (Brown, …show more content…
Throughout the book Montgomery has a very strong attachment to the octopuses she encounters. However, Montgomery’s relationship with Octavia is the longest, and the reader can see how it changes and evolves through different stages in their lives. Because the octopus is usually perceived as such a different animal from humans or any other vertebrates, Montgomery tended to describe Octavia as a twinship self-object. This is probably due to the fact, that she is trying to compare the way of thinking of Octavia to her own, and keeps finding many things that are alike.
Once Octavia is more used to people and as the relationship with Montgomery starts to develop, Octavia is increasingly described as person. Montgomery comments about how they both experience the same feelings of missing each other when they haven’t seen one another for some time. The way that Octavia expresses this is by being overly energetic once they are reunited. Montgomery also describes Octavia as being very attentive towards her, the same way that she feels towards the octopus. These experiences reassure the idea of Octavia being a twinship self-object, since she experiences the same feelings as Montgomery when they are away from each

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