Dumbo Octopus Essay

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Dumbo Octopus
The small octopus in Finding Nemo is a dumbo octopus which obtained its name from the famous Disney elephant Dumbo. Despite the fact that this octopus doesn’t live on a coral reef, but on the bottom of the ocean it also isn’t pink. They do in fact live all over the world including Australia. The dumbo octopus is not very well known, but it has amazing physical traits, behavior, and reproductive abilities.
This particular octopus is much smaller compared to other species of octopi. It usually gets to about 7.9-12 in. in length. Male and female dumbo octopi differ in size. The largest dumbo octopus was 6ft 32 in. in length and 13 pounds. Surprising, since they are one of the smaller octopus species.
They have semi-translucent bodies.
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They have several different types of mobility. Each way allows them to move in different styles. When they flap their ear fins grants them to ability to move with grace and ease. “...by shooting water through their funnel cause a sudden thrust…” (Pacific). This would allow them to quickly escape a predator, which is very useful. They are also capable to crawl on their tentacles like most regular octopi do. They also use their arms to steer themselves when they are moving. “It can use all of these techniques simultaneously or use each one separately” (Cooper). They enjoy to spend most of their time suspended just above the sea floor just …show more content…
Their reproduction schedule is ongoing and outpaces more shallow octopi. A dumbo octopus “...has one of the most unusual breeding capabilities of any marine life” (Pacific). They are able to eat their prey whole. They eat copepods, isopods, bristle worms, and amphipods. Most of their food if located around ocean venting systems. It’s usually found floating in ocean currents. Everything that they eat are pelagic invertebrates that also swim just above the sea floor. They are the deepest living octopus. 9,800-13,000 ft. is where they are known to hover, they may be even deeper than that. They are worldwide, but mainly found in New Zealand, Australia, Monterey Bay, California, Oregon, Philippines, and Papua New Guinea. Generally they are found in tropical to temperate latitudes. In the deep ocean they enjoy wide open spaces. Scientifically they are classified in the kingdom of animalia which is where all animals are put. Then they are the phylum of mollusca. The class of cephalopoda which also consists of squids, octopi, etc. Order is octopoda. In the family of opisthoteuthidae with umbrella octopi. Their genus is grimpoteuthis and they are species

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