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  • October Sky

    October Sky is a movie by Joe Johnston that includes a character named Homer Hickam, a boy attending high school and has an interest for space and astronomy. This interest sparked from him seeing Sputnik launch into the sky. Although his dad doesn’t exactly believe in his interests, Homer still persists and follows his dream. That’s what our theme is-never give up on what you love doing. The start of his studies weren’t very easy. His first rockets went up a couple inches (at best), and his friends who were helping him build started to get tired of his crap. More specifically, they were getting tired of how persistent Homer was and they just wanted to go home and eat a burger or something. Their teacher, Ms. Riley, was the one who believed in Homer the most. She encouraged the boys to continue doing what they love, and to keep trying. Homer was extremely grateful for her, because she was a huge inspiration to him. She always tried to make it to their rocket launches. They were starting to make their mark on this little town!…

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  • Sonny Hickam's October Sky

    As stated by Sonny Hickam, “A rocket won’t fly unless somebody lights the fuse” (419). In the small town of Coalwood, West Virginia, everyday life is completely dependent on the coal mine that seems to consume all its citizens. The book October Sky by Homer Hickam, Jr. is a memoir that centers itself on a family of four making their way through life in the mining town. The family consists of Homer Hickam, the father who is the superintendent of the mine; Jim Hickam; the older brother; Sonny…

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  • Stereotypes In The Film October Sky

    In terms of the word Appalachia there are both positive and negative connotations. There have been many stereotypes made about the Appalachian region. The positive ones are uplifting and speak about the culture. While the negative one talk about stereotypes that can be seen as offensive today. One stereotype that hurt the Appalachian region is that of how the area lacks education. Outsiders of the Appalachian region tend to believe these stereotypes, and the life of an Appalachian tends to…

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  • Feminism In Homer Hickam's October Sky

    October Sky book by Homer Hickam was a true story about a boy growing up in a small coal-mining town. The book was first released in 1998. In this book, we have acknowledged that women in Coalwood were strong in the 1950’s, and were feminist before the term even existed. Feminism is a personal, social, political, and economical movement that shares a common goal for women’s rights. It’s been said that the term “feminist” did not take place until the 1970’s, but many women were feminist before…

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  • October Sky Reflection

    October Sky is a movie which states a true story happened to a boy. The high five principles are seen in the movie as the boy makes his journey to make is dream a reality. The high five principles are change is constant, learning is ongoing, focus on the journey, follow your heart and access your allies. These principles are important not just to the character in the movie but for every one on earth who make their journey into the depths of careers and jobs. Change is constant because today…

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  • Homer's October Sky

    This essay is about October Sky. It's about a kid named Homer that wants to build a rocket. What inspired him was a Russian satellite he seen in the sky. The theme in the story is don't give up on your dreams. I think that's the theme is because Homer never starts with it he did not care what other people said about his rocket. Homer was not good at math but he pushed himself to learn it he was a nice person and he had help with a smart kid in school that did not have any friends. He knew…

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  • October Sky Analysis

    The title of the film is October Sky, which made its first cinema premiere on February 19, 1999 and was based off the book Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam Jr.; Joe Johnston directed it and Chris Cooper, Laura Dem, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chad Lindberg, Chris Owen, and William Lee Scott were the primary on-screen characters and performing artist within the movie; the theme of the movie was: when confronting affliction, never surrender. In October 1957, when the first simulated satellite, Sputnik goes into…

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  • October Sky Rocket

    In the movie (True story) October sky, a young teen boy named Homer Hickam watched a show/something on tv and watched huge, big rockets being launched.! So Homer one day was like “Mom, Dad i think im gonna build a rocket.” The main characters where, Homer, John, Elise, Jim Hickam. Miss Riley, Quintin, O’dell, Roy Lee, Miners, Ike Bykovsky, and the rest of the randoms. Homer was a very bright boy who had a goal, his goal was to build a rocket. So he did with , Roy Lee, Quintin,…

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  • October Sky: Film Review

    October Sky Task Imagine that you work for a film company, and you think October Sky should be taught as a compulsory text for year 8 students in Australia. Movies are a massive part of our lives. They are a great way to pass the time but can also be very educational. “October Sky”, directed by Joe Johnston, is a great example of a movie that is both entertaining and educational. Based on the autobiography, “Rocket Boys”, this story follows 16 year old Homer Hickam through his journey to become…

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  • Homer Hickman's October Sky

    The film October Sky, is a true story based on the main character Homer Hickman, following his journey of obstacles and setbacks as he aspired to work with rockets while being pressured by his dad, a miner, to follow in the family tradition of coal mining. Despite his different aspirations, Homer unfortunately ends up in a mine channel because he did not have a more effective plan if constructing rockets was not a success. But in 1975, Homer dreams finally became a reality for him with the…

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