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  • Stereotypes In The Film October Sky

    In terms of the word Appalachia there are both positive and negative connotations. There have been many stereotypes made about the Appalachian region. The positive ones are uplifting and speak about the culture. While the negative one talk about stereotypes that can be seen as offensive today. One stereotype that hurt the Appalachian region is that of how the area lacks education. Outsiders of the Appalachian region tend to believe these stereotypes, and the life of an Appalachian tends to revolve around coal mining. The Film, October Sky, was directed by Joe Johnston in 1999, portraying the life of Homer Hickam. The movie takes place in Coalwood, West Virginia revolving about the main character Homer Hickam, played by Jake Gyllenhaal,…

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  • The Influence Of Coalwood In Sonny's Life

    and give support are the women of Coalwood. Sonny’s success in rocketry is influenced heavily by the women in his life, those being Miss Riley, his mother, and Emily Sue. The first, and one of the most influential women, is Miss Riley, Sonny’s science teacher. Throughout the story she gives support to the BMCA and Sonny. Her influence and help contribute directly to their success as they explore rocketry. The first example of this assistance comes when they are trying to set up the BMCA. Mr.…

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  • Feminism In Homer Hickam's October Sky

    October Sky book by Homer Hickam was a true story about a boy growing up in a small coal-mining town. The book was first released in 1998. In this book, we have acknowledged that women in Coalwood were strong in the 1950’s, and were feminist before the term even existed. Feminism is a personal, social, political, and economical movement that shares a common goal for women’s rights. It’s been said that the term “feminist” did not take place until the 1970’s, but many women were feminist before…

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  • Sonny Hickam's October Sky

    As stated by Sonny Hickam, “A rocket won’t fly unless somebody lights the fuse” (419). In the small town of Coalwood, West Virginia, everyday life is completely dependent on the coal mine that seems to consume all its citizens. The book October Sky by Homer Hickam, Jr. is a memoir that centers itself on a family of four making their way through life in the mining town. The family consists of Homer Hickam, the father who is the superintendent of the mine; Jim Hickam; the older brother; Sonny…

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  • October Sky Book Analysis

    In Coalwood, every boy grew up thinking they were destined to be coal miners and Homer Hickam had no reason to think he'll be any different. Homer had no route out of his predetermined life - until the Soviet Satellite Sputnik flew over the October sky. Inspired by the dawn of space age and Wernher Von, he embarked on a quixotic mission that altered his life forever. October Sky is based on the triumphant story of Homer Hickam. He is a high school student in rural West Virginia where the coal…

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  • Father And Son Relationships In October Sky, By Homer Hickam Jr.

    who supports their kids and is there no matter what? Being able to guide, support, and love children are one of many characteristics of a ¨good¨ parent. In addition, conflict between parent and child will occur, but that does not make the parent or child ¨bad¨. It further strengthens their relationship with one another. A memoir novel, October Sky, written by Homer Hickam Jr. shows countless times throughout the novel of father and son relationships. Furthermore, it is set in a mining town,…

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  • The Tragic Relationships In October Sky By Homer Hickam

    bring them down. In Sonny’s case however, this strained relationship between him and Homer Sr. was actually beneficial to the progression of his rockets. First off, Homer Sr. doesn't show much affection towards Sonny, which gravitates him to other adults who seem to care about him more. Throughout the story Sonny and his rockets are helped along by the adults of Coalwood,…

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  • October Sky: Film Review

    town of Coalwood, West Virginia, everything is owned by the Olga Cola Mining company and everyone in the town works in the mine, which will be homers future if he doesn’t receive a scholarship. The darkness of the underground mining scenes reinforce the idea that Homer has to “get out” of this life and create new opportunities for himself. The contrast is provided by the wide camera angle and bright blue skies at the boys rocket launch site, which they walked eight miles to, the deliberate…

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  • Rocket Boys Analysis

    Rocket Boys Essay - Determination The novel Rocket Boys follows the life of a young Homer Hickam Jr. and his life as a teen in the small mining town of Coalwood, West Virginia during the Space Race era. Homer and some of his friends are fascinated by the idea of space exploration and decided to create their own rockets though their homemade organization, called the “Big Creek Missile Association”. The idea is seen as completely ludicrous at first, but the boys work hard to overcome the doubt…

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  • The Influences In Sonny's Career Choices

    Sonny had several influences in his life that affected his career choices. I believe the Russians were the first influences in Sonny’s career choice. If they had not launched the first satellite, Sonny would have never developed the passion for rocket building. Without the knowledge of the satellite and witnessing it in the sky, Sonny may have followed in his father’s footsteps and worked in the coalmines. Mr. Hickman was determined that Sonny work in the mines, without his driven passion Sonny…

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