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  • Rocket Boys Analysis

    Rocket Boys Essay - Determination The novel Rocket Boys follows the life of a young Homer Hickam Jr. and his life as a teen in the small mining town of Coalwood, West Virginia during the Space Race era. Homer and some of his friends are fascinated by the idea of space exploration and decided to create their own rockets though their homemade organization, called the “Big Creek Missile Association”. The idea is seen as completely ludicrous at first, but the boys work hard to overcome the doubt surrounding their idea and improve their rockets. The enormous determination demonstrated by the group of boys is shown throughout the novel as the boys learn from their mistakes, search for necessary materials, and overcome doubt from others. The “Rocket Boys” build dozens of rockets throughout the novel and learn something new from each one. At first, their rockets were largely unsuccessful, but they wrote down all their observations in their “body of knowledge” and tried to figure out…

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  • Feminism In Homer Hickam's October Sky

    October Sky book by Homer Hickam was a true story about a boy growing up in a small coal-mining town. The book was first released in 1998. In this book, we have acknowledged that women in Coalwood were strong in the 1950’s, and were feminist before the term even existed. Feminism is a personal, social, political, and economical movement that shares a common goal for women’s rights. It’s been said that the term “feminist” did not take place until the 1970’s, but many women were feminist before…

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  • Stereotypes In The Film October Sky

    Hmm? I have to, Mister Turner, I'd go out of my mind (October Sky).” This exchange tells us that not a lot of hope was put into the boys because no one expected them to make it as far, and do as well as they did. People in the region could look to what the group of friends, referred to as “Rocket Boys”, accomplished and see that there is more to life that just working in the mines. There are more opportunities in life if they work hard towards their goals. This holds true even to today in the…

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  • Chapter Summary: The Rocket Boys

    Returning to school after having been in the newspaper, the Rocket Boys discover that they are treated a bit differently. The football players are no longer the heroes, and while they have not achieved the level of hero yet, they are better off. The school curriculum has changed due to Sputnik with hours of homework every night. In addition to this, Sonny is trying to learn calculus and other math in order to be able to launch his rockets better. Miss Riley is his chemistry teacher who one day…

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  • Homer Water Rocket Hypothesis

    was fascinated when he saw a rocket go into space at night and he wanted to do the same thing. He became fascinated in rockets and wanted to build them though his father told him not to. He followed what he wished for and he ended up getting the right team and all the needed parts for the rocket. He ended up winning the science fair and getting a scholarship to college so he didn't have to work in the mines. The rocket was a great success and he was famous for his rocket and what he had…

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  • The Future Of Space Travel

    doing business in 2002 and have come a long way in the industry with the help and direction from CEO. Elon Musk (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, 2015). What makes this company unique is that they buy all of their materials and make all the parts for their rockets and landing pads in the United States. With currently $5 Billion in contracts, they have nearly 50 plus launches in their flight manifest. Their founder was a former Papal entrepreneur…

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  • Offensive Warfare Technology

    Submarines are a huge part of naval warfare because they are essential in carrying materials and supports attacks. They also help out in doing reconnaissance and establishing blockades against other nations (Chow). Other offensive technologies, such as the RPG (rocket propelled grenade), are often used in combatant settings. They are incredibly effective in allowing a single person to take down helicopters, tanks, and buildings (Technology of War). Rocket and bomb technology have also advanced…

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  • James Cameron Influence On The World

    The definition of pioneer is the following: one who is first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise,or progress. The word “pioneer” and film director James Cameron, who is otherwise known as “the scariest man in Hollywood” (Hedegaard 1), go hand-in-hand. Born in Ontario, Canada on August 16, 1954, Cameron was birthed into a family with father Philip, mother Shirley, brothers Mike and John David, and sisters Valerie and Terri. Being the oldest, he naturally took on the…

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  • Flight 1502

    (SS2) with the intention to use this vehicle as a reusable suborbital rocket. This aircraft and test involved another experimental aircraft, the WhiteKnight Two (WK2) with both of these aircrafts being used in this test. The ultimate goal was for these aircraft to be used in conjunction by Virgin Galactic to allow for civilians to buy passage for a space/suborbital flight. This particular flight did involve the loss of the test aircraft as well as one serious injury and one death. The…

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  • Samson Research Paper

    MIBS BEAUMONT, turning 13, is part of a family of 4 children: ROCKET whose uncontrollable superpower, called savvy, is electrifying and electrocuting things, FISH whose savvy is moving natural elements. They only discover the savvy on their 13th birthdays. SAMSON is born a bit later. After discovering FISH and ROCKET’s powers, the family moves to North Carolina to stay safe, where they encounter ROSEMARY WEEKS. They are gathering at PASTOR MEEKS’ church later at the sand sculpture competition…

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