Appalachian Mountains

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  • The French And Indian War: The Colonization Of America

    tension between Britain, France, and the Indians. Subsequently, the war ended after the Treaty of Paris in 1763, and after Pontiac failed on the attack on Fort Detroit from Great Britain and the Indian power ceased in the Ohio Valley. However, conflicts between Britain and the Indians were still evident, and Great Britain needed to reduce military spending to lesson the economic depression that was steadily extending from war. Thus, the Proclamation of 1763 was issued on October 7 by King George III. The Proclamation reestablished the prior promises made in the Treaty of Easton, which prohibited white settlement past the Appalachian Mountains. However, this Proclamation only agitated the colonists who were eager to expand westward and many colonial militias were promised land grants for their service in the Seven Years War west of the Appalachian Mountains. Moreover, the French and Indian war was a pivotal event in American history allowing conflicts and allies between Native Americans and mother countries. The Proclamation also also sparked the colonists interest in gaining their freedom from Great Britain. In the seventeenth century economic tension intensified between Great Britain and her native allies against the colonist. Britain was applying “taxation without representation” to the colonist in order to pay for the dept they were in after the French and Indian war. The colonist did not believe Britain could impose this immoral behavior because they were not…

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  • Restriction And Underdevelopment In The Appalachian Workplace

    I decided I wanted to bolster the Appalachian name and establishment. Be that as it may, I would love to bolster the guiltless individuals on standby through the misery of their homes. It’s not hard to notice and realize that there is a major distinction amongst qualities and Environment in the Appalachian. Since the late nineteenth century, there has constantly been a reason behind Appalachian neediness and the backwardness and why they are named as the poor class of mountain livers along with…

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  • Appalachi A Sub-Cultural Analysis

    This produces a problem in defining Appalachia as a subculture, specifically because no single culture dominates; there is no specific set of parameters to define Appalachia in that context. For example, while snake-handling as a religious practice may seem natural in Jolo, WV, if one travels 114 miles north to Charleston WV, that practice is deemed “ludicrous” at best. Cultural and religious beliefs – in fact, entire social constructs – can differ from “holler” to “holler” in WV alone, and we…

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  • Folk Medicine Impact On Modern Medicine

    In fact, these misinterpretations are uninformed opinions, since Appalachian folks did not have access to other alternative medication and were pushed to find solution for their own problems. In the encyclopedia of Folk Medicine, it suggested that “The answer lies in the eye of the beholder: to some it is an old granny with chicken soup stories, to others it is a heap of medical customs, taboos, superstitions and sometimes plain, sheer ignorance” (Collins, Folk Medicine). Folk medicine is…

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  • Uneven Ground: Appalachia Since 1945 Summary

    Uneven Ground: Appalachia Since 1945, by Ronald Eller explores the devastation of traditional culture and land use in the Appalachian region at the hands of the coal industry and local, state, and federal leaders and policy makers. His perspective comes from one that separates growth from development and is highly critical of efforts to force Appalachia into a national economic model that is not aligned with the regions unique historical situations. After briefly setting the stage in the Civil…

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  • Junk Car In The Snow Poem Analysis

    “Left to Imagination” Introduction {get attention} In their poems “Junk Car in the Snow” and “Burning the Hornet’s Nest” both poets Ron Rash and Robert Morgan describe to readers what it was like to be raised in the southern Appalachian Mountains as a child throughout seasons of life. Both poets Rash and Morgan were natives to the land of southwest North Carolina and created poems that would allow readers to interpret what life was like for these two growing up in the Appalachian Mountains. The…

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  • Assignment: The Great Teays River

    River was known to have been the size of today’s Ohio River. Today, this river no longer exists but the valleys created from the river can be found in Hurricane, Teays Valley, Nitro and other small towns along Interstate 64.Also other places surround the Teays River have water wells that give million gallons of water to the public. Formation: The formation of the Great Teays River has been debated throughout the years. While conducting my research, both of these theories were explained in the…

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  • Industrialization In America

    to all americans because any american could move out and buy land, but most people didn’t. It’s not as simple as it sounds. With no roads or no way of knowing where you are going, every day is an adventure. With the U.S. buying this land, we could expand and have a wide variety of sources. Sectional identities developed over time because of the labor in that area. The north was from Pennsylvation to New England and stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the Appalachian Mountains. With poor soil…

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  • How Did The French Indian War Cause The American Revolution

    The French Indian War was during the time of colonization of the Americas leading up to the American Revolution. This war was fought from 1754-1763 and was the North American Theater to the worldwide Seven Years War. The French Indian War was also a cause for the later American Revolution because the colonists were angry that they had to fight for the British when all they want is to be left alone. Many think that this war was between the Native Americans and the French, but that isn’t the case.…

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  • Stereotypes In The Film October Sky

    In terms of the word Appalachia there are both positive and negative connotations. There have been many stereotypes made about the Appalachian region. The positive ones are uplifting and speak about the culture. While the negative one talk about stereotypes that can be seen as offensive today. One stereotype that hurt the Appalachian region is that of how the area lacks education. Outsiders of the Appalachian region tend to believe these stereotypes, and the life of an Appalachian tends to…

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