Apparent magnitude

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  • Distance And Age Of M52

    the value for colour excess E (B-V) = 0.65 noted for the M52 cluster; E(B-V) indicates an interstellar extinction which is caused by gas and dust in the line of sight resulting in dimmer magnitudes of stars than…

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  • Downton Abbey: Show Analysis

    Downton Abbey is currently being shown on PBS that is about to start its sixth season. Season one began in 1912. The show is about an earl and his family. It is set during a time when social norms were very strict. Women worried about who their husbands would be. Men worried whether or not their wives would give them male heirs. The earl and his wife and three daughters, and no sons. All of the daughters in this series fights social norms, some more than others. The first daughter, Mary Crawley,…

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  • Elekta Synergy S Linear Accelerator Lab Analysis

    Elekta Synergy S linear accelerator (LINAC) was used to produce the 6, 10, and 15MV photon beams for measurements. The accelerator is fitted with the new Agility multileaf collimators (MLC) thinner than the previously used MLC’s to improve a field definition (Kantz et al. 2015; Thompson et al. 2014). The quality assurance was carried out monthly to ensure the LINAC response does not vary from the commissioning data (CPQR 2013). The LINAC has been calibrated to 100 cGy/MU at Dmax for a 10×10…

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  • Tension Force In A Toy Car Experiment

    Diagram 1.6: Diagram showing tension force in the string (from 0 cm increasing in 1 cm until a displacement of 15 cm has been attained) This diagram shows the manner in which the tension force applied to the string was calculated. Starting at 0 centimeters, forces were provided in the string such that the string would extend one additional centimeter from the previous measurement. Using the Capstone® software, the force applied to the string was calculated at the given horizontal…

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  • The Winter's Tale Character Comparison Essay

    Who was stronger? What are the differences between a superhero and a villain? Both have power, ingenuity, purpose, and dedication to their cause. But what makes them different? One may be stronger, causing him to win, however it is their character that makes them who they are. Their character is what defines them and makes a statement declaring whether they will be the hero of the story or the villain. In looking at The Winter’s Tale, we wonder who is the stronger woman—stronger in the sense…

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  • The Dangers Of Captain George Pollard, By George Philbrick

    His discussions of this set us up for the events following later in the book. Philbrick also talks about the relationship between the colonists in Nantucket. They are very close, drawn together by their Quaker religion, similar experiences, and their interests in whaling. In the town, there is a hierarchy within the people. Where a person lived in the town was based on what rank they are in their society. The captain’s home would usually have the best view of the harbor. The seven black crewmen…

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  • The Importance Of The Scale Of Chemistry

    What is the Scale of Chemistry? Chemistry is the study of matter and its transformations. Everything that you can taste, touch, see or smell is composed of chemicals. All the chemicals around you are made from various combinations of the elements on the periodic table. These elements can range considerably in size; specifically, atoms at the top of the periodic table are smaller than those near the bottom. The study of atoms and the reasons for the trend in their sizes will be covered in…

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  • Roles And Term Impacts Of C & R Supermarket

    The impact of decision making plans can be crucial to the success of a organization’s success or even demise. This varies with thought provoking people contributing to the success of the overall goal of the organization. C & R Supermarket’s objectives of quality, customer satisfaction and revenue can only come to fruition when all obstacles are weighed against the strategies and tactics of both the employees and management. Roles Roles will continue to remain the same even though there is cross…

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  • The Effect Of Distance On Acceleration Of Motion

    A ball, and a feather dropped at the same height will hit the ground at the same time when placed in a vacuum space. This is because acceleration of motion is the same for both object, and in this experiment, we are going to calculate accelerated motion using inclined planes. In this experiment, we will see whether “distance traveled is directly proportional to the square of the time”, and “if speed of a falling object depend only on the height from which it falls”. This experiment will give us…

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  • Galveston Ship Channel Recruitment Report

    Recruitment of Organisms in the Galveston Ship Channel Abstract A study was done in the Galveston Ship Channel to see the recruitment of sessile or fouling organisms to a substrate. A total of six organisms were found. They were Barnacles, Serpulid Worms, Bryozoan, Limpets, Tunicates, and Amphipods. Recruitment structures were created by the students and were put into the Galveston Ship Channel and left for five weeks to allow adequate time for organisms to adhere to it. A full mesh cage was…

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