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  • $ 1 Million Dollars Dbq Analysis

    How can I give away $1 million dollars? I need to find good causes within the progressive movement to maximize the impact of my gifts. Progressivism is a variety of responses to the economic and social problems introduced to America during rapid industrialization. This movement took place between approximately 1900 and 1920. A group of writers, referred to as “muckrakers”, looked into these problems and voiced their concerns during the Progressive movement. They brought so much attention to the problems that eventually various leaders, including priests, professors, social workers, and members of both political parties joined the movement. I will give my $1 million dollars to these progressive reforms: $600,000 to the meat packing industry $300,000 to Child labor $100,000 to Women's Right to vote. The first and the most critical cause I would give $600,000 dollars to would be reforms to the meat packing industry. This industry had few regulations. For example, “The meat would be shoveled into carts, and the man who did the shoveling would not trouble to lift a rat even if he saw one” (Doc D). This proves that the workers did not care or did not understand about people’s health and safety. Also, “These rats were nuisances, and the packers would put poisoned bread out for them; they would die, and then rats, bread and meat would go into the hoppers together” (Doc D). The workers were introducing poison to food they were processing which could pose serious health…

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  • The Case Of Anti-Phulbari Coal Mining Movement In Bangladesh

    Landless, Land Entitlement and Collective Violent Resistance to the Mining Induced Displacement and Resettlement (MIDR) in the Developing Country: The Case of Anti-Phulbari Coal Mining Movement in Bangladesh Abstract: My proposed research project will explore the role of landless people in forming collective violent resistance to the Mining Induced Displacement and Resettlement (MIDR) process in the Phulbari Coal Mining project in Bangladesh, and will demonstrate the necessity to identify…

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  • Mary Jones And The American Industrial Revolution

    The American industrial revolution of the 1800s was powered by coal. This newly harnessed energy source is what made the industrial innovations, like the fabrication of steel and iron, of the 1800s possible. In the early days of its mining, 1840, only 7,000 men were mining coal in America, but by 1870 the number of miners increased to 186,000. This increase was only the beginning. In 1900 the number of miners had surged to as many as 677,000. With the increase of workers came the increase of…

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  • Coal Mining Lesson

    In Mark Nowak’s Coal Mountain Elementary there is a second lesson in the book that is about coal mining. The lesson is called The Cookie Mining Lesson in this lesson the students are asked to mine a cookie for the chocolate chips. The readers are implied to read inbetween the lines for the lines of the lesson to see something different that what the Coal Foundation intends for the students to learn. In Lesson 2 Students will learn how to buy land, pay employees hourly wage and more when coal is…

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  • Unemployment In Preston County Essay

    Unemployment in Preston County is an ongoing problem. Everywhere you see, people are working less and less. West Virginia is at the top of the state unemployment and labor statistics list. It has many people asking questions. Is it that hard to obtain a job in Preston County? The worst thing about the whole situation is that West Virginian residents seem like they do not want to work. MarketWatch reported in March of 2015 that less than half adults (18 or older) in West Virginia have a job.…

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  • The Mining Industry In Upton Sinclair's King Coal

    As a book told in the fiction context, King Coal by Upton Sinclair describes the gruesome, harsh reality of working in the coal industry in the 1910 from mining issues such as the hopes of getting a job in the industry of coal in the western states of the United States, the harsh mining conditions, and miners being taken advantage of by their bosses. The book discusses two mining in general locations where all the stories are told by Sinclair himself: Rocky Mountain and Pedro (6). The author 's…

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  • Summary Of The Play 'Diamond, Coal, Anthracite'

    Diamond, Coal, Anthracite Plot: The queens fight Kass Setting: Hogwarts college- magic known universe- year 4712 ACT 1 Scene 1 Setting: Principal's Office Time: 10:23 Monday morning. Characters In Scene (CIS): Kass Keets, Venus Salazar, Honey Lao, Jem Knight KASS: Those three creatures are trying to ruin my life! I demand that they be expelled from this school immediately! Midna rubs her temples. - MIDNA: You want me to expel these three brilliant students because you don’t like them? That’s…

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  • Consumer Protection, And Labor Reforms During The Progressive Era

    passed which prevented goods manufactured by children younger than 14 passing through state lines. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire which led to the death of 146 women alerted the public to the conditions that many women worked in, especially young women and immigrants. Legislation was passed to prevent women from working long hours, including Muller vs. Oregon which gave women laundry workers a ten hour work day. The Progressive Era also saw legislation and activism which protected unions…

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  • Characteristics Of An Ideal Fuel

    Common Varieties of Coal There are four common varieties of coal-  Peat  Lignite  Bituminous  Anthracite Different Varieties of Coal Each variety of coal has a different calorific value. The calorific value of different kinds of coal depends upon its carbon content. The higher the carbon content, higher is the calorific value of the coal. The calorific values of different kinds of coal are given in increasing order as: Peat < lignite < bituminous < anthracite Peat has the lowest…

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  • Theodore Roosevelt's Progressive Era

    sold. This act insured that meat products were being butchered and sanitized properly. The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 purpose was to ban foreign mislabeled food and drug products. This Act insured that ingredient sin the drugs and food would be present on the packaging label and could not fall below purity levels created by the United States. PUT QUOTE HERE The anthracite Coal strike accorse after mine employees refused to meet with representative of the United Mine workers of America. The…

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