Anti-homelessness legislation

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  • BPA Argumentative Analysis

    I ask for your support in the elimination of BPA from consumer products that come in contact with food or beverages. In the following memo you will find the strategy by which I believe we can gain the necessary support from all stakeholders and pass necessary legislation to keep our citizens safe. Each of us is well aware of the BPA controversy sweeping the nation. Recently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration took the unprecedented step of mandating elimination of BPA in children’s drinking cups and bottles. This comes on the heels of increased concerns about the negative health effects from exposure to BPA that include risk of certain types of cancer, risk of heart disease and the increased likelihood of diabetes. Fourteen other state legislatures have acted in the best interest of their citizens to enact BPA legislation and now is the time for our great state to act as well. Now is the opportune moment for our…

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  • Congressional Approval Ratings

    inconsiderable popularity. Their findings focus on four areas: (A) the restrictive procedures used to shirk the legislative accountability of direct voting. The authors find that an increase in these questionable procedures coincides with rising negative ratings from the American public, who seek both transparency and accountability from the U.S. Congress; (B) hyperbolic rhetoric that: (1) promises quick fixes for complicated problems, and (2) exaggerates the consequences of opposing policy…

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  • Form Of Government

    In conclusion, to create the ideal government there must be big changes made to the courts, elections, political parties, and both the executive and legislative branches. It is clear that the current system of government in the US is not effective in all areas. However, it is equally clear that there is no prefect form of government anywhere else in the world. Combining various systems and modification of the current US government would help to create a more complete and better functioning…

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  • Is Rousseau A Defender Of Direct Democracy?

    making, enforcing and punishing institutions to vote, the general consensus of these politically active men composed all of the state’s policy and its enforcement. With that in mind, one is able to turn to text firstly looking at the chapter titled ‘of democracy’. the chapter begins with the statement ‘he who makes the law knows better than anyone how it should be executed and interpreted’. initially it appears as if this statement is simply an observation that a producer of an item will have…

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  • Energy In The Executive Analysis

    Some people argued that a vigorous and strong executive is not suitable with a republican principles. However, Hamilton does not agree. He states that an energetic president is the key point for a good government. Presidency, is responsible for national defense, “the steady administration of laws” and the protection of property rights. Moreover, the power of executive branch is used to protect the liberty when anarchy, faction, ambition threaten it. Hamilton also reminds a story about how the…

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  • Congress's Role In Foreign Policy Making

    Term Paper The U.S. government consists of three branches, the judicial branch, executive branch, and the legislative branch. The judicial branch interprets the laws made by the legislative branch, Congress, and enforced by the executive branch, the President. Many believe the President is the dominant force in foreign policy making due to the ability to enforce the laws made by Congress. Others believe congress asserts its role by limiting the powers of the President. Based on the powers…

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  • Political Accountability Case Study

    Public Administrators are often placed in a situation that requires them to practice discretion. By discretion, I am referring to the ability to decide and make important decisions, when instructions are not clear or given; on what is right and wrong in a particular situation. This goes back to Finer and Friedrich on how they believe public professionals should handle situations. Finer suggested that they should strictly follow the guidelines of the legislature. While Friedrich stated that they…

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  • Canadian Legislation Process

    The Canadian legislative process can be a highly laborious task. Within Parliament, the passing of new legislation can be an enormous ordeal, taking a considerable amount of time to come to fruition. For legislation to be introduced, discussed, finalized, and passed, the time needed can range from a few weeks to a couple of months. This can be affected by a variety of reasons, such as if the government in power is a majority or minority. However, this often occurs because legislation proposed…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of A Nanny State

    For example, in the legislation to inhibit the selling of alcohol to underage people, the citizens thank the government for saving them from becoming an alcoholic at a young age (Daube et al., 2008). With the potential benefits which can be gained through these regulations, the media and the public are constantly have conflict perspectives on the method which individuals can adopt in order to live a healthier life (Magnusson, 2015). People often have the impression that the government are…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Democracy In Africa

    Democracy in Africa has only flourished for 20 years or so, facing many problems some unique to certain countries and some broad that encompass a majority of countries. In a small quantity of countries, autocrats are still in power and or are divided in war. However, most countries have multiparty elections more frequently. Nonetheless, a majority of these counties engage in this mock democracy, which has certain aspects of democracy but the actions make it not truly a democracy. For example,…

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