Form Of Government

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In conclusion, to create the ideal government there must be big changes made to the courts, elections, political parties, and both the executive and legislative branches. It is clear that the current system of government in the US is not effective in all areas. However, it is equally clear that there is no prefect form of government anywhere else in the world. Combining various systems and modification of the current US government would help to create a more complete and better functioning system.
Firstly, changes must be made to the courts. Justice must be achieved through the courts system in order to uphold order in the state. The court plays a crucial role in determining the application of the constitution and interpreting its ambiguity.
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To be the most effective system, the president should be elected directly by the people. The parliamentary aspect comes once the executive is elected. Once elected, the president shall become the top member of the state legislature, but shall be both the head of state and government. The executive shall represent us as the face of the nation, but more importantly guide the country through decision-making. It is important to limit the executive’s powers to prevent corruption and the possibility of a dictatorship. These limits shall be presented through a system of checks and balances between the court, legislature, and the executive. To decline the president’s orders there must be a 70% agreement in both chambers of the legislature. The executive shall only serve a maximum of 2 four-year terms. We believe that a four-year terms is a sufficient amount of time for voters to form an opinion on whether the executive is doing an adequate job. This also allows plenty of campaign time in order to run for a second term, if an executive chooses to do so. An effective executive term would include the ability to impeach the president if need be with a vote of 90% in both

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