Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College

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The framers of our constitution desired to create a nation where freedom was guaranteed, liberty was protected, and will of the people was expressed. They longed for each man to have a voice in the governing of his affairs and actions of his superiors in order to ensure freedom and build a more perfect union. However, the framers were cautious of handing full control over to the masses and instead placed several safe guards to prevent abuse of power and tyranny from not only the governing, but also the governed. One of these safe guards was the electoral college. The Electoral college was a system designed to elect the President of the United States by having several electors from each state cast their vote for who they desired to be elected …show more content…
Due to our “winner take all” system all a candidate simply needs to win the majority of votes in a certain state to be awarded all of the electoral votes from that state. This means that vast amounts of individuals are not represented by their state’s electoral college despite their participation in the election process. States such as California, or Texas have a constant majority for either the Republican or Democratic parties and continually lend their votes in favor of these candidates. This means, that candidates do not need to focus so intently on campaigning in such states due to their almost guaranteed nature of voting. This causes candidates to focus on what have been called “swing states.” Swing states are states whose voters are almost equally divided and as such the electoral votes could end up being awarded to either potential candidate. In turn, potential presidential prospects campaign much harder in these states and these states enjoy a much greater amount of power and precedent over other states due to their uncertain and decisive nature. The final problem with the electoral college is that in many states electors are not required to vote according to their constituency and can simply vote for whoever they see fit. This not only allows electors to ignore the expressed desires of their voters but also has led to several very ridiculous and outlandish incidents. These incidents include misspelled names, votes for the vice president to be president, or even votes for individuals not even on the

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