Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College

The framers of our constitution desired to create a nation where freedom was guaranteed, liberty was protected, and will of the people was expressed. They longed for each man to have a voice in the governing of his affairs and actions of his superiors in order to ensure freedom and build a more perfect union. However, the framers were cautious of handing full control over to the masses and instead placed several safe guards to prevent abuse of power and tyranny from not only the governing, but also the governed. One of these safe guards was the electoral college. The Electoral college was a system designed to elect the President of the United States by having several electors from each state cast their vote for who they desired to be elected president. These electors are chosen by popular vote of the people in each and are expected to cast their vote in favor of the candidate whose party they represent. Each state possess a certain number of electors based on population and possess a “winner take all” system in which the popular vote in each state determines who electors for that state will be and subsequently for which candidate all the electoral votes from that state will go to. …show more content…
I would like to see outlined in our constitution a system that maintains some checks and balances but better represents the expressed desires and interests of the people. My system would be being with requirements placed on who could become president. I would require each potential candidate to have served in a prior elected position such as mayor or senator, or have held a high ranking military position in a branch of our armed forces. This would ensure that a proper and qualified candidate is chosen and that they have been vetted through a separate system with a record to evaluate their

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