The Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College

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Every four years, citizens of the United States of America choose their next president based off a unique system known as the electoral college. The way that this system works is interesting and is confused easily in the general public. In early November, when citizens go to the polls, they are not voting for the president directly, rather they are voting for their individual states to cast its electoral votes towards a certain presidential candidate. In the forty-eight of the fifty states where voting takes place, all the electoral votes go to the presidential candidate who wins the majority in their state. No matter how large or small the majority is, the presidential candidate gets all the votes. However, there a few complications that cause public dissatisfaction such as when the electoral college was established. …show more content…
Because of this claim and the complications brought forth by a complex system, many people call for the abolishment of the electoral college. A dismissal like this is a terrible idea because the electoral college is an institution in which our country is based. To understand why the electoral college is important, one must look at the facts to see why it is our only option. Although the electoral college has its flaws, it is important to understand the consequences of switching to the popular vote, the preservation of Federalism and how it proves the electoral college is not outdated, and perhaps most importantly how it has led to the development of the Democrat and Republican parties that strive for broad appeal. Before delving into each of these topics, it is very important to understand further how the electoral college works and why it is such a highly criticized

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