What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College System

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Should the united states continue to elect its president through the electoral college system? To ease some of the tension with this decision let me lay down some facts and information. In a presidential election, the popular vote simply means an aggregate of all voters from all states in America. The candidate who gets the most votes nationwide is said to have won the popular vote. But the winner of the popular vote may end up losing the election, like “Al Gore did in 2000 and Hillary Clinton in 2016. In the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney won 48% of the popular vote but only 38% of the electoral vote.” This is because although Americans vote directly for their chosen candidate in the presidential election every 4 years, the president is elected by the institution called the Electoral College. Now for the electoral college, “There are 538 total electors in the Electoral College, who …show more content…
1. One of Electoral College cons is the discrepancy between numbers of voters and number of electoral votes creating possibility to lose popular votes and win the Electoral College. 2. Electoral College is a complicated and undemocratic system as viewed by some. This skews significance only on sparse and small populated states. 3. Though Electoral College functions perfectly, there is still the tendency of unnecessary delay to the system. There are also instances that the money needed to run this system is wasted. 4. There is the possibility of fraud among electors. Members of Electoral College may refuse to vote the way they should be. “5. There is also the possibility that winner of popular vote might lose. 6. The Electoral College is being disliked by several voters. One disadvantage is having a bad feeling that their votes will not count. 7. This system provides undue power to chosen swing states.” 8. A candidate loses the popular vote but can still win the election. This is said to be undemocratic because it goes in contradiction of majority

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