Thinking About Political Reform Summary

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Thinking About Political Reform by John R. Johannes is about making the American government operate smoother for the people and politics. Political reformers are faced with these challenging issues. They must think about what reforms are great for politics and if they will work out for the people. In the book Thinking About Political Reform Johannes discuss what reform is and list numerous reforms that can benefit American government. This essay is intended to break down each chapter of Thinking About Political Reform so the reader can understand the methods of the book and understand the framework of Thinking About Political Reform.

Chapter 1: A Framework for Thinking About Reform, “describes the current issues that are involved regarding
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In this chapter it describes the type of government is used and the pros and cons. According to Johannes, “the Parliamentary government is the type of government that rest on the principle of concentrating political power, fusing legislative, and executive authority (16).” This type of government is considered to be effective and efficient. This type of government depends on strong political parties. The political parties elect their members using different methods, however, there are pros and cons in Parliamentary government. This government can be effective and efficient but has numerous vulnerabilities. Johannes stated a question, “would a parliamentary system be preferable to the American presidential system (18)?” However, who can truly say what type of government is prime. Every government is going to possess vulnerabilities. Moreover, I don 't believe that a Parliamentary government will benefit the American government since the American government is based on freedom and the people. A Parliamentary system gives entirely too much power to the leader and America’s government separates the party, however, the president is the leader. Therefore, I disagree that a Parliamentary system will benefit the American

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