Anti-Japanese sentiment

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  • Ashlyn Nelson's Anti-Japanese Sentiment During World War II

    Ashlyn Nelson, a writer for Al-Jazeera, writes this article about anti-Japanese sentiment during World War II, and its similarities to today’s anti-Muslim sentiment. To open her article, Nelson establishes ethos by stating that her grandparents are both second generation Japanese Americans, or Nisei. She writes about her grandfather moving to America, only to face extreme anti-Japanese hostility. She continues by stating, “My grandfather stopped leaving the house alone because he feared physical assault.” Afterwards, Nelson describes the conditions of the internment camps her grandparents were sent to, saying, “Conditions in both internment camps were deplorable. They were severely lacking in basic amenities such as health and sanitation services.” Finally, Nelson claims that the anti-Muslim and Arab sentiment resembles the…

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  • Analysis Of The Fist Of Fury

    in films and also the anti-Japanese sentiments. It is very common to know that in the past and even today, there is still this negative and superior feeling toward the Japanese. There are various reasons why there are these negative sentiments towards the Japanese (and vice versa) but some can be that it may lie in the struggle for power and influence in Asia between China and Japan. Another reason may be because there are still sentiments from the wars that they have been in and the land that…

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  • Mining And Sentiment Analysis Of The Film Industry

    1.1 Purpose The Internet today contains a huge amount of textual data. This textual data can be classifying in two types, one is facts and other is opinion. While facts include objectives, opinion express the sentiment of people. In the movie industry, most of the movie’s success depend upon people working on the movie and the public response to the early trailers and promotion. This project aims at opinion mining and sentiment analysis of data related to movies.…

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  • How Did Women's Rights Change Over The Last Century

    The media of the time was in frenzy. Women demanding to vote was a scandalous and an outlandish matter. The Declaration of Sentiments was often published and ridiculed in the public eye. The movement was already being attacked. Although, many were opposed to giving women their right’s. The Women’s Rights movement continue to move forward as planned. The movement optimistically expanded, in hope to make conventions in all parts of the country. So, they continued with their conventions until the…

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  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Women's Rights Movement

    There have been many important people who have impacted the United States in a monumental way throughout history. Each person who was considered to be the most influential in history has benefitted the United States differently. Out of each person’s actions throughout time, I believe the person who has had the biggest impact on this country was Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I believe she influenced this country the most through her incredible efforts of supporting and leading the first women’s rights…

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  • Analysis Of F. Heppenheimers 'The Discord'

    The turning point for this movement began at Seneca Falls when the women declared herself equal to the man. In 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote women’s grievances in the Declaration of Sentiments. Stanton cleverly mimicked the Declaration of Independence format when she wrote these grievances in an effort to portray the irony of women’s injustice. Like the Declaration of Independence, she states all the unjust social roles woman had to accept and conform to. She states the irony in the man’s…

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  • What Is Susan B Anthony Speech On Women's Equality

    Anthony and the Declaration of sentiments by Elizabeth Cady Stanton successful address Women 's Rights and contain substantial logic, reasoning and support as to why women should get the rights of all other citizens, such as the right to vote. Although Anthony addresses the oligarchy over women, she does little specifying of what exactly men of done, while Stanton gives sixteen precises misdemeanors, therefor making it more effective when it going to women actually gaining the rights they fight…

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  • The Declaration Of Sentiments

    Before women declared that it was their right to choose, before Virginia Woolf stated that women needed “A room of their own” in order to find intellectual fulfillment, and long before Votes for Women was chanted, there was The Declaration of Sentiments written in 1848. The first turning point for women’s rights in the United States; for it brought to the nation’s collective conscience the plight of womenkind. Applying the Sentiments’ words—and therefore the ideas of Elizabeth Cady Stanton,…

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  • Analysis Of The Declaration Of Sentiments By Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    The “Declaration of Sentiments” was, “Stanton’s indictment of the relations between men and women in her society” and claimed,” That all men and women are created equal” (Kerber, Dayton, and Hart 264). Stanton’s address was making a case that women were also human and were entitled to the same natural rights that only men were privileged with. Women in this generation were underprivileged in comparison to men; women, “had no voice in the making of laws, she was deprived of other rights of…

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  • Ice Queen Stereotypes

    Almost one hundred and fifty years ago on July 19 and July 20, 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Quaker abolitionist Lucretia Mott met in Seneca Falls, New York to discuss the future of women’s rights. Together, Stanton and Mott drafted the Declaration of Sentiments that echoed the Declaration of Independence, by stating” We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal.” Both Stanton and Mott had high hopes that their declaration would help women gain equality in…

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