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  • High School Dress Code: The Importance Of Dress Codes

    If someone were to walk into a classroom and asked,”How many girls in here have been dress coded?” most girls would raise their hands; however if you were to walk into a class and asked,”How many boys have been dress coded?” none or very few would raise hands. There are many reasons that girls are more likely to get dress coded. Throughout my high school career I've always wondered why I've never seen a boy get dress coded… only girls. Jackson High school needs to change the dress code, the reasoning behind the rules, and inequality of gender treatment. Most dress codes are hard for girls to follow and not break due to simple things such as a bra strap showing, shorts too short, or shoulders showing. “20 percent of American public schools required…

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  • The Importance Of Dress Codes

    We Need Dress Codes An Argumentative Essay By: Jenna M. Jennings Why do we go to school? To LEARN! Why do we wear clothes? To be a reasonable person that's not nude! Come on guys, WE NEED DRESS CODES! We need dress codes because without them, school can have a negative effect on students all because of clothes. This doesn't have to be hard, but somehow in the end, it is. We all want a great student environment, but we can't do that without safety. Dress codes were not created to bring down a…

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  • The Benefits Of Dress Codes

    limitations on their attire when they just want to express their personality through their clothing. Even though dress code says not to be distracting, students should feel power in their own attire. Rachel Zoe couldn’t have said it better herself in her quote, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. With that girls have a right to wear what they want, to feel comfortable in their clothes, and to not be shot down and feel threatened in their bodies. There are many other…

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  • Student Dress Codes

    Dress codes, in today’s society, have been an increasing topic with all of the different fashion trends that have been going around, and whether or not they are all school appropriate. Dress codes in schools should be enforced because it improves most of the students academics, safety, and attitude. Dress codes are proven to increase a students academics. Many schools with strict dress codes, believe that the students who are well-dressed are more likely to perform well in the classroom…

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  • Dress Code In Schools

    Over the past few years, have implemented a dress code in many schools across the country (Kizis, 2000). Today 's schools are facing great problems, such as diminishing test marks, drugs and law-breaking (Anonymous, 1998). Advocates say the increase in training and improving the academic success of students. However, Challengers, the students violated “the legitimate right of self-expression and schools doing isn’t solving.” The students need to wear a uniform in the public school with various…

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  • Essay On Dress Codes In Schools

    Dress Codes are way too strict! Although many schools have strict dress codes, dress codes should be banned from public schools. Clothing as a primary mean of expressing, the pressure of dress codes, and pointing mostly towards girls. The concern of dress code at public and private schools is questioning government as schools. (“What’s Fair and Unfair about School Dress Codes”). The first school dress code law was established in 1969 by the U.S. Supreme Court. The case, known as “Tinker vs. Des…

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  • Student Dress Code Essay

    Girls are unequally cited, getting significantly more citations than boys do for dress code. Girls report that they feel embarrassed or ashamed by school authorities when cited, which has a negative impact on girls’ confidence and sense of self. Because girls have more fashion options than boys, they are subjected to more attention to the dress codes, however transgendered students also have higher rates of citations because they do not wear what is expected of their sex, even if it falls within…

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  • Dress Codes In Schools Essay

    School dress codes are usually blamed for being sexist towards girls. There are many reasons for why this may seem true such as how the dress codes usually revolve around girls. This is also true because girls have a lot more clothing choices, then boys so there is more rules towards them. Many people also claim that dress codes are here only to keep the older generation happy. An argument for why dress codes are there is to help prepare teenagers for jobs, and the rules also apply to boys there…

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  • Mandatory Dress Codes In Schools

    Many schools in the United States of America enforce dress codes. The schools include preschools, elementary schools, intermediate schools, junior high schools and high schools. Some of these schools are very strict on their dress codes and others have a specific school uniform that students are required to wear. A number of schools execute punishments to students who break the dress code. These punishments include in school suspension (ISS), out of school suspension, expulsion, and even wearing…

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  • Dress Codes In The 80's

    In 1980, dress codes in the workplace were found to be sexist and lead to women’s objectification, due to the fact that dress codes taught women that their bodies were more dangerous than that of a man’s. In December of 1980 Mary M. Carroll brought the Carroll v. Talman Federal Savings & Loan Association to court to go fight sexist dress codes in places of work by claiming they were against Title VII (Disparate Dress Codes as Sex Discrimination in Violation of Title VII). Title VII was created…

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