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  • Creative Writing: What Do I Think, Goo Man

    ” Recruit Guaman’s arms shake in the front leaning rest position over a puddle of his sweat on the quarterdeck. There’s nothing restful about that position. “Mountain climbers,” screams the drill instructor as his fists rest on his green duty belt, “in cadence, exercise: one-two-three.” Guaman limply lifts his left foot from the floor. The muscles in Staff Sergeant Baker’s square jaw flex as he grits his teeth. He kneels, jabbing his index finger with laser precision at the air near Guaman’s face, “What do you think, Goo Man?” The Drill Instructor turns and barks to the platoon, “Did they make some kind of fucking mistake in MEP’s? Are you supposed to be polluting my beloved…

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  • Personal Narrative-Down, But Not Out !

    “Down, But Not Out.” “There it is Privates!” Drill Sergeant Gonzales yelled. As we all rounded the narrow and winding road through the Ozark Mountains, my heart began to race. All 250 of us slowed down to form a formation in front of what appeared to be the biggest climb we had seen and were not expecting to see for the next few weeks. Screaming at the top of his lungs, Drill Sergeant Galloway said “This is Engineer Hill, and starting in two minutes you all have thirty minutes to make this…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience Of Flight

    tiring, I still couldn 't close my eyes. There were so many thoughts racing through my head. My drill sergeant 's orders on what to do and not to do, my squad member 's names, and where everything was. My day started rough and ended rough, and I assume it is like that for many other people that arrived here today. The drive to the landing strip consisted of our drill sergeant yelling orders at us and claustrophobia. We rode here in a small cattle truck barely large enough all of us. The…

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  • Coiled Tubing Case Study

    The central advantage of CTD is its ability to drill underbalanced (closed wellbore) safely. Underbalance drilling results in extremely high rates of penetration not attainable in conventional rotary drilling providing a major reduction in overall rig time. Drilling underbalance also increases drilling bit performance and does not run the risk of inflicting formation damage during formation penetration (Kumar, 2011). Another great asset of CTD is the elimination of the repetitive process of…

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  • Classroom Participation Reflection

    Not only does it give the instructor feedback on what the students are understanding but it can also promote preparation. If the students know that they should be contributing to class discussions, then they (most, not all) will start coming to class more prepared with the previously assigned materials. Along with making students more prepared, class participation helps the students get connected with certain topics that they might not have been very connected to before. Participating in class…

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  • Birthdays Are Always Special Essay

    I was scared that my mom would be the first one, but as luck may have it, she was. When we were all seated she looked at me with a smile full of nerves and angst. Every emotion was racing through my mind as the plane came to halt. I was laughing, yet felt terrified as my mom stood up. All eyes were on her. I was holding on to my seat in fear and anticipation. Before I even had time to process what was about to happen, my mom and her instructor were gone like the wind. I remember feeling so proud…

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  • Joyce Fletcher Whiplash

    demanding perfectionist instructor, who both share the same dream but have different ways of achieving it. Terence Fletcher doesn’t hesitate to use his own technique of racial, religious, and gay slurs, throwing chairs, and playing degrading psychological game to “motivate” his students and Andrew Neyman doesn’t hesitate to back down and use it to push himself beyond physical and psychological limits. In the last scene of the movie where Andrew is playing the song Whiplash and plays it in…

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  • How To Blame Victims In Everyday Life

    In our daily life we see many people that consider themselves victims and they take advantage of the situation because is easier to blame others or lie back. Many victims complain about chores, homework or work; also they are always making excuses to not do what they are supposed to be doing. In my case I had to experience with a Suendy a classmate of mine refused to help out her team. She always had an excuse to why she was not able to help us out. All started last semester on fall 2015 in…

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  • Demanding Instant Gratification: My Freshman Year In High School

    Happiness is what follows being within your destiny: what we as humans were designed for, are the lessons that echo from my childhood rearing. The purpose of one 's life, naturally has a cloud of bliss following in the midst of being where he/she is appointed and designed to reign. These lessons are not being established within the foundation of students prior to becoming acquainted with me. Instead, the generation before me in my class wants the information now, without reading, without,…

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  • Essay Sample Resume: Mill Worker

    downtime on the job  Completing a full range of duties that includes: providing various services and mechanical maintenance on petroleum coke crusher/plant and numerous belt conveyors also responsible for mechanical maintenance on fleet equipment and generators  Plan and layout work assignments from complex blueprints, sketches or verbal instructions  Adhering to project specifications and details while completing fabrication & welding Mig/Tig  Building excellent business relationships with…

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