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  • The Life Of Running

    The day had arrived. Mixed emotions had suddenly started to kick in with a dose of reality, November 12th was the day to make history. From being nervous, to filled with pride, to a sense of fearfulness, to sudden jumps of extreme happiness because all you had worked for would finally pay off. We started to warm up, yet we still remained quiet as we tried to maintain concentration. Someone breaks the inevitable tension with a classic joke, but it all slowly fades away with the occasional gusty winds. The race was announced as our coach began her typical motivational speech, and all we did in response was transmit confidence through our nervous looks. We announced our cheer and proudly screamed “USC on me, USC on three, 1,2,3 ‘SC.” We approached the starting line and exchanged looks with our opponents, as each team subsequently turned on their game faces. Even though I’d heard this line about 100 times it still sent chills down my spine, the long awaited “On your marks” was finally said. Then the longest minute of my life began, everyone still, no one even dared to breathe. The loud and clear gunshot that was heard from miles away, wound me up ready to blast off in that instant. Within the blink of an eye, I was covered with dirt from stampeding of the runners who wanted to pass me. The race that chose it all, had begun. It was only 9 a.m. in the morning and the hot burning sun was already piercing through me as if saying “C’mon stop running, you know you’re tired” but as…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Cross-Country

    Stepping off of the yellow bus into the November air was like getting slapped in the face. I carried my sports bag in one hand and my water bottle in the other. We followed our cross-country coach over to what is called the staging area. Basically you have to hold at least one of your bibs in order to get into the MSHSAA Cross-Country State Championships. My coach handed me a sheet of plastic like paper with the number 998 printed across it. I walked through the gate and waited for my teammates…

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  • Individualism In Society

    the free world". Thousands of people come to this country every year, learning about the country in hopes of becoming citizens. William Hudson in his book 'American Democracy in Peril ' talks about the seven biggest challenges to this democratic nation. Individualism can be seen as a gift or a curse, depending on the context in which it occurs. Because modern society finds it important that people think independently, decide autonomously and take personal initiatives, the concept of…

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  • Short Essay On Self Driving

    Self-Driving Cars A self-driving car is when the car needs little or no human interaction. With a self-driving car instead of having to drive for long hours you can just sit back and watch some Netflix or maybe read a book while the car does the work by using GPS and censers to tell where it and the other cars are on the road. The first attempt at a self-driving car was in the 1950 's GM and RCA developed a automated highway using radio control for speed and steering. Magnets in the car…

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  • A Narrative Essay About Working At Mcdonald's

    It was a cold Friday night, the temperature was below freezing. I was working at McDonald’s, it was the only job I had been able to keep in the last couple of years. I was always recognized from the managers for being so friendly and kind to everyone including my co-workers, except on this specific night. I had been having mood swings all day and was not feeling good at all. I clocked in and got to work, for tonight's shift I was working in the drive-thru. Working drive-thru on Friday night was…

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  • Hamlets Insincerity In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

    Hamlet’s actions throughout the play support this deceitful nature. His dual personalities are the foundation of his madness. There are many examples that illustrate how Hamlet’s deceitful nature results in a tragedy because of his inability to choose which role to play.      In Act One, Hamlet appears to be very straightforward in his actions and his role. When his mother questions him, Hamlet says, "Seems, madam? Nay it is. I know not…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Control

    schizophrenia a few years prior to the tragic incident. Marisa was not in a rational state of mind and had she not had access to a gun, she may not have killed herself. Stricter gun control laws need to be put in place to help save people like my cousin Marisa. While if someone is truly determined to do something, they will do it, there are many people that do things in the heat of the moment when they are not thinking clearly. With guns being so easily accessible, people can use them in…

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  • Case Study Of Mcdonald's In California

    Expanding an Opportunity Globally During the mid- 1930s two brother changed how a small town drive-in restaurant can expand nationally and international. The McDonald brothers, Richard and Maurice founded the McDonald’s restaurant. The McDonald “brothers developed food processing and assembly line techniques” which in later years expanded globally (Vignali, 2001). The innovative way of preparing, serving, and selling food began in California. Since the 1920’s, California has been known as a…

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  • Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Stereotypes

    individual is because, after all, actions speak louder than words. People feel that it is easier to believe someone else when they prove something by performing the action instead of stating what they would or could do. Actions and self-portrayals are corresponding concepts that are often used to critique others and discover their true persona. Connie had a tendency to be very flirtatious with the opposite gender. The story shows this in the passage that states “A boy named Eddie came to talk to…

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  • Fast Food Industry Research Paper

    McDonald’s know that they have to change these things because our society is attracted to many different things. This causes McDonald’s to want to be the attention of society today. “Arizona was also the first site for the drive thru window of Mcdonald’s”(Rights). McDonald’s also adopted the drive thru method because the company wanted more money and more customers interested in ordering there. As the drive thru method became more popular, Mcdonald’s fostered the idea to allow their business to…

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