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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Six Flags Great America

    The seconds were going way too fast for my comfort. I wanted off, I wanted off right now. But, something kept me from getting off or saying anything about it. The TV hit 1, then 0 and we took off. We started up the 200 foot drop, “Don’t look down” they kept telling me. Telling me not to look down made it even worse. It took what felt like forever to get to the top of the drop. I heard the front of the coaster stop making the clicking noise, and soon after I went flying down the 200 foot drop. I was terrified till I realised that I actually wasn’t scared, I was having a ton of fun. We were fly around turns, going up and down drops, and before I knew it the ride was over. shockingly to me, I didn’t want it to be over, I want to go on it again. The 200 foot drop that terrified me became the new highlight of my year. To some, it may just be “another roller coaster”, but to me it was a learning experience. Some of the things that I’ve been most scared of and done, I liked. I learned that I should go out of my comfort zone and do something that I am scared and in general try new things. I’ve been scared of doing things for most of my life, and I’ve finally decided that I am going to try things that scare me because for all I know, it…

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  • Reflection On Weighted Average Math

    student had received perfect scores on all homework assignments? What if he had not submitted his second paper? What if the teacher drops that lowest homework and quiz scores for the student? Let’s take these assumptions in consideration and see if they would have a better or a lower grade. Homework has a value of 10% from the final grade, if the student was to receive all perfect scores on their homework it would obviously raise their grade. How much higher would his grades be? After changing…

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  • Summary Of John Nash Movie

    she was wrong and after that Alicia as John if she could take him to dinner and of course he accepted. From that, they would develop a relationship later where they both fall in love and after that they both got married. Then John meet “Big Brother,” which his name is William Parcher and from that he took John into a lab with full of white coat men and he told him that he had an operation and wants John to work for him to solve the code. John accepts and had implanted a radium diode, which are…

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  • Personal Narrative: Excitement Gone Downhill

    Inside, was a man in a white shirt with black pants with “Supervisor” on the back of his shirt. “Hi, welcome to Great America!” he stated “My name is Wilbur, and I 'll be your new supervisor, lets take you to your game where you will be working at.” We then left HR and started to walk out of the office. It seemed odd that my supervisor didn 't even ask for my name or how I was doing, but it was just a miniscule detail that I overlooked. As we walked down the road to the games, you could hear and…

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  • Cultural Context Analysis

    to change the entire content. This is because we couldn’t put everything into context. In this generation, communication moves at the speed of light. The information that we forget or don’t include may cost us our customers or employees in the hospitality industry.Imagine a scenario in which someone requests that they add one to one. They would most likely hear the inquiry as a math issue and rapidly reply with two. But truthfully, it relies on upon the context. Imagine a scenario in which they…

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  • Life Taker Of Souls: A Short Story

    ….. Of Life, Taker of Souls People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, if only they that really meant. If someone is lying, looking a person in they eye will allow to to see right through them. If a person is hurt, sad, or even heart broken, all you have to do is make eye contact to know what they are feeling. The same is for people who are are in love, happy, and glad. The eyes show and see all. But this is only a small part of what I can see when I look someone in the eyes.…

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  • Crime Drop

    Burcu Emre Criminology essay 1 Q2) critically examine up to three leading explanations for crime drop. Crime drop has decreased in the past two centuries in UK and internationally. Crime drop often divides judgement. What was clear from previous examinations was that the contents of the category of crime, as defined by criminal law, varies over time and place. Crime can be amorphous in variety of acts, which had been defined as crimes at one point, which included printing a book, going into a…

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  • Dashboard Evaluation

    Output and Content Management It can share with other people online, also transform to picture or pdf files. 8. Platform Options IOS, Android, Windows. 9. Ease of Learning and Use It has Video and documents on the official website. 10. Programmability Use R language to coding. 11. Advanced Features With easy, smart and intuitive design tools using drag and drop you can quickly design dashboards and reports. Cost Currently, the Dundas BI just suitable for companies, I don’t get the price for…

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  • Addiction In Drop City

    When the characters are upset or in a bad situation they immediately turn to alcohol and cigarettes like when Sess thinks about sexual scenarios between Pamela and Howard and he begins to drink in order to forget (100). The situations of the characters in Drop City are related to Alexanders belief that, “Difficult circumstances lead to addiction” (175). The characters in Drop City do not seem like they are addicted it seems more like they just look for a way being happy. After Pamela and Sess…

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  • The Last Drop Analysis

    The Last Drop (The Gay Cavalier) My piece of choice is The Last Drop by Judith Leyster. What intrigued me most about this painting was the lingering and threatening feel I received, (while only glancing at the painting passing by!) which is what forced me to pay closer attention to the Baroque styled painting of the seventeenth century. As I leaned in closer, (and began to really take notice of the paintings attributes), I realized that the deep rich oil shading wasn’t the only thing giving me…

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