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  • Persuasive Essay On Drowning

    training taught was that drowning is not like the movies. Rare is the occasion when a drowning victim is able to frantically thrash around. Even rarer is when they the strength or time to scream for help. Victims can slip under the water and never come back up. This is not like how many people see drowning. The reality of it is grim. I saw this first hand at a children 's pool party a year ago. I sat on the life guards ' chair, eyes flicking over the twenty some children and a rescue tube across my knees. There was a small child I noticed seemed to be a weak swimmer. They doggy paddled around the edge of the pool, panting and fighting to keep up with the other children. I asked if they needed a life jacket, but the parent told me they were a strong swimmer. It was a gross overestimate of their skills. Less than five minutes later, the child had flung themselves over the edge of the diving board. They did not cry…

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  • Analysis Of Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping The Poor

    Singer argues that if we could save the kid from drowning with little inconvenience, it would be wrong not to save the child. Singer believes this situation is like giving to the poor. Singer states that “if for the cost of a pair of shoes we can contribute to a health program in a developing country that stands a good chance of saving the life of a child, we ought to do so” (Singer 7). If everybody gave a small amount, we would be able to help support developing programs to help poor countries.…

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  • Write An Essay About The Countdown In The Bahamas

    When I say wave I mean high, rough, crazy waves. My sister Sydney and I sat in the tube and weren’t expect anything; then all the sudden the lifeguard was playing around with us and put us in the way of building where the waves come out. The waves kept coming out full force. I went so high and would get higher, then when that one gigantic wave came I was finished, I wiped out. Drowning and choking with water, laughing all together still being taken out by waves I realized that I wasn't in my…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Hitchens

    barbarism that they might expect to meet at the hands of a lawless foe who disregarded the Geneva Conventions. But it was something that Americans were being trained to resist, not inflict” (Hitchens 616). In this quote, Hitchens explained why water boarding was used as a form of torture. This knowledge on the background helps the audience trust that he knows what he is talking about. If background knowledge isn`t enough to gain your trust, Hitchens underwent this simulation not once, but twice.…

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  • Water Safety: Shift Lifeguarding At A Local Swimming Pool

    Fortunately the incident occurred in guarded pool, but many accidents can happen without the security of a lifeguard around. If a child is taught how to float and be comfortable in water they can’t stand in, they will have a much higher chance of not drowning. Swimming is an important life skill, and if they child is comfortable in water it will be much easier for them to learn later on. The process of a child getting comfortable with the water can take time and effort, but in the end it’s…

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  • Drowning In Salt Water Drowning Essay

    Drowning is known dying due to submersion and inhaling water. Most drownings occur within males and children. Most people drown due to not knowing how to swim, Alcohol use while swimming , and/or no supervision while swimming. One thing most people do not pay attention to is how drowning in fresh water can be different from drowning in salt water. More drownings occur in fresh water then they do in salt water and in some case the victims can die hours after the incident. Water goes into the…

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  • Drowning In Debt

    The fact of the matter is that many graduates are practically drowning in debt accumulated through college attendance. According to board of college a moderate college budget at a private four year college is averaged at $44,750, that’s not even including Dorms, transportation, food, or other living expenses. That’s an insane amount of money to be in debt from, plus interest, you could possibly end up spending the next 20 years of your life paying that debt off. In addition to this, many people…

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  • Drowning In Plastic

    Drowning in Plastic: The Throwaway Society Since it birth in the decade of the ‘90s, plastic have play such an important role in every aspect of the modern-society. Thanks to its unique combination of properties such as durability, versatility, and cost of production, plastic’s dependency seems to not have end. Packaging, construction materials, medical devices and a surfeit of consumer goods are examples of products manufactured from plastic. It is estimated that 100 millions tons of plastic…

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  • Drowning In Fire Analysis

    Both Craig Womack’s novel “Drowning in Fire” and Gloria Anzaldúa’s semi-autobiographical work “Borderlands” explore the intersection between queer and Indian identities. One specific way that Womack and Anzaldúa focus on these identities is through the tension between native religions and Christianity in the lives of modern natives. Both authors come up with a compelling narrative of what it is like to be native and queer in the face of an institutionalized product of Western conquest like…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Drowning

    Drowning is a pleasant thing to experience. That quote doesn 't seem to make sense because it’s an experience near death. In most cases might even traumatize the victim of the experience. The support of the us government using torture would sure be support of people experience drowning. Anything to keep the public safe and secure at any cost, even the cost of a man 's sanity. The United States of America has been using torture for quite some time now to get information from terrorist. Using…

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