Write An Essay About The Countdown In The Bahamas

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The countdown started the day my mom told us we were going to Atlantis in the Bahamas. One of the best surprises I've ever had. It had been years since I went to vacation with my family all together. The countdown felt like months or years but really it was only two weeks. I’ve never been to the Bahamas and neither has my sister Sydney which explains why the countdown seemed so long. The time came to go to the airport and board the plane. Now the countdown is down to 15 minutes waiting for the plane to take off.

The plane ride didn’t take that long, yet it felt like forever. Once we got there I noticed there were many differences between there and New York. When the plane lands it doesn't go into the airport, it stops on the runway and that's where you
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When I say wave I mean high, rough, crazy waves. My sister Sydney and I sat in the tube and weren’t expect anything; then all the sudden the lifeguard was playing around with us and put us in the way of building where the waves come out. The waves kept coming out full force. I went so high and would get higher, then when that one gigantic wave came I was finished, I wiped out. Drowning and choking with water, laughing all together still being taken out by waves I realized that I wasn't in my tube anymore. My short self was trying to dodge the incredible waves, trying to find my tube, but it was nowhere in sight, as if I never had a tube to begin with. Sydney was full of laughter because she is so tall and was still in her tube, it was like I was putting on a comedy show for her. Wave after wave still dying there was a lifeguard. He didn’t do a good job because he laughed also and carried on with his day. by the looks of these waves, I was pretty sure they were getting stronger. Every second I would think to myself, “What is lazy about this?” Although I was drowning because the ground was so deep down and I couldn’t get control of myself, I was having the time of my life. I heard Sydney’s voice in the

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